Tvillingerne og Julemanden TV jul

The Twins and Santa

Photo: Visitnordjylland

Did you know that the popular children's TV Christmas calendar, the Twins and Santa (in Danish: Tvillingerne og Julemanden) was filmed in North Jutland? It is the follow-up Christmas calendar to Ludvig and Santa (also filmed in North Jutland).

The much-loved children's TV Christmas calendar, the Twins and Santa were aired on Danish TV2 in 2013. The twins are helping Santa in the fight against the evil Doctor Schwartz, played by Nicolaj Kopernikus. Returning character, Santa, is once again played by the Danish comedian Lars Hjortshøj. Furthermore, Camilla Bendixen plays the role of the wife of Santa.

Visit the locations from the show

The twins and Santa mostly takes place in North Jutland, and locations from all over the region were used. From Hirtshals and Lønstrup in the north to Aalborg and Rebild further south.


The Christmas calendar's locations in Aalborg were centered around Aalborg Zoo and Aalborg Monastery. But it is not just the locations from Aalborg that were used, lots of props were borrowed from the old Jens Bangs Stenhus. See some of them at the apothecary collection in the same house.


Hirtshals Lighthouse played a large part in the TV show - some of the probs used can now be seen in Rebild Center.


In the TV show, you can see the Thingbæk limestone mines where important episodes were shot.


Some of the scenes for the show were shot by Lønstrup, at Skallerup Seaside Resort. The Christmas Calendar was, like its predecessor, focused around the story and attractions of North Jutland.

Ludvig and Santa

Photo: Visitnordjylland

As seen on TV

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