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Norskov on Danish TV2

Norskov is one of the many TV shows shot in North Jutland. Here you can read about the locations and the story of the show. 

Norskov is a Danish TV drama shot in Frederikshavn in North Jutland. The show incorporated the town into the fictive story. The series is filmed on location in Frederikshavn, so you will have plenty of opportunity to see the location of the show. The show paints a darker picture of the town than most locals would recall.

About the show

The police drama tells the story of the local Tom Noack who after being absent for 20 years returns to the town of Norskov. Here he is soon to take part in a drug investigation, which involves some people he knows and loves. Tom has to clean the streets from drugs while being entangled in private dilemmas.


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