Ludvig og Julemanden julekalender tv

Ludvig and Santa

Did you know the popular children's TV Christmas calendar, Ludvig and Santa (Ludvig og Julemanden) was shot at Børglum Abbey in North Jutland? It is the follow-up show of the Twins and Santa, another TV Christmas calendar which was also recorded in North Jutland.

The TV Christmas calendar Ludvig and Santa was first shown on TV in 2011 on Danish TV2 and has since been rerun in 2016. Many popular Danish actors play a part in the show like Andreas Bo, Camilla Bendix, Anne Sofie Espersen, Alexandre Willaume, Lars Hjortshøj and Julie Zangenberg.

"It is not always easy being Santa, some do not believe in you and some do. Besides, some people think Santa only works one day of the year" - Lars Hjortshøj who plays Santa in the show

The TV Christmas calendar tells the story of the boy Ludvig, who with his family, moves into Børglum Abbey in North Jutland. Ludvig is insisting a treasure is hidden in the Abbey and he goes to look for it, so the family can have enough money to stay in Denmark, rather than having to move abroad due to the fathers work. 

At the same time in Greenland (Where Santa lives, according to Danes), Santa has had enough of all the hustle and bustle and flees in his sledge to Børglum Abbey, where he grew up more than 500 years ago. Børglum has four ghosts, including Stygge Krumpen, who gets Ludvig and Santa into all kinds of trouble.



Par på juletur i Aalborg

Locations in North Jutland

Danish TV2 head of programs said, when asked about the locations, "The area gives us a unique opportunity to draw on local history in a funny and different way and also, of course, gave us amazing surroundings to film in. We can guarantee a captivating story with mysticism, humour, ghost, and good old fashioned Danish Christmas spirit".


Børglum Abbey near Løkken

The show was mainly shot by the 1000-year-old Børglum Abbey. Experience the locations of the show all year, but for the true Christmas spirit, you should visit during December for the Christmas market.

Read more about the Abbey here.

Børglum kloster
Børglum Kloster

Voergaard Castle

Part of Ludvig and Santa was shot at Voergaard Castle. In 2018 the castle was awarded the title, Denmarks most beautiful Manor House. Visit the castle all year, but experience the Christmas spirit at the Christmas markets in December.


Voergård slot Dronninglund
Voergaard Slot