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Badebro med mennesker

Winter swimming in North Jutland

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Your body temperature drops fast and the bodies defence is on high alert. The blood vessels contracts and a cocktail of endorfins and adrenalin rushes through the body. This is the experience most winter swimmers have when they jump in the ocean on a cold winter morning. 

Winter swimming is not often associated with pleasure, it is very cold! In spite of this, more and more people are jumping into the sea on cold winter mornings, and there is a rise in memberships in the local winter swimmers clubs. North Jutland offers many opportunities and official winter swimming beaches for you to try it out. 


The icy water on your body followed by the warmth of the sauna is the perfect mixture and the reason why more and more people are joining winter swimmers associations.

Sauna strand


Winter swimming events in North Jutland

In between Christmas and New Years you have the perfect opportunity to try winter swimming. One of them is the "big winter swimming day" in Nr. Vorupør, which takes place in National Park Thy. Northwards you can attend the traditional New Years winter swimming in Blokhus. 

Skagen Winter Swimming Festival

Every year in January many winter swimmers gather at the Winter Swimming Festival in Skagen and run into the icy waters. After the dip, the winter swimmers gather for some food. The festival also offers guided tours, entertainment and delicious food. The festival is arranged by the local winter swimmer association "Isbryderne" and the local tourist organisation "Skagen Turistbureau".

Nørlev Strand

Photo:Frank Otto Pedersen

Winter swimming associations

You will find many winter swimming associations all over North Jutland. Most associations require a membership to use their facilities, but a lot of them offer test swims if you are still deciding whether or not it is something for you. Find a local association near you: 

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