Løkken Strand

The White Beach Huts on the West Coast

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Experience the beautiful white beach huts by Løkken and Blokhus. Next to the rolling dunes and crashing waves of the North Sea, you will find the White Town, like pearls on a string.

In 1895 the first white beach huts were erected on the beach, by Løkken Beach Hotel. Today you will find almost 500 of the white beach huts, and they have become an icon of the town and the wide sandy beaches on the west coast. The beach huts are private and are passed down through generations, if you want a beach hut of your own, you must be patient, as it can take many years for one to be available. Drive your car on the beach next to the beach huts for a perfect experience in North Jutland.

Iconic symbols of the beaches in Løkken and Blokhus

The Beach huts can be found on Løkken and Blokhus beach from May to October. They are always placed in the same spot, year after year, as the owner of the house, owns the right to the piece of ground it sits on. The primitive beach huts have strict rules, no electricity, no running water, can be 9 square meters, no more than that, and they must have a black roof, and be newly painted - in white of course.


The White Town in Løkken
On the beach in Løkken you will find the of these beach huts, often referred to as the white town.
The white beach huts in Blokhus
You will also find white beach huts in Blokhus, though fewer than in Løkken, it is still a sight to be seen. The beautiful huts are located right below the Navigation Mark in Blokhus.