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Water activities

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In North Jutland, you have plenty of options when it comes to activities by or on the water. Go fishing by the lakes, rivers and in the sea, go sailing, try your hand at surfing or rent a kayak and canoe. The opportunities are many. 

With its long coastline, fjord and many rivers, North Jutland offers an abundance of water activities. Water is part of the identity of Northern Jutland. The coastal towns of North Jutland range from the small villages such as Sæby on the east coast to the bustling life of Aalborg waterfront.


There are plenty of marinas all over North Jutland, on the west coast, the east coast, in the Limfjord and in Mariager Fjord. All the harbours have a cozy ambience and extraordinary characteristics, such as the iconic red storehouses in Skagen. In the harbours of North Jutland you will find restaurants, shopping opportunities and an amazing atmosphere. 

Hirtshals Marina (marina)

It is rare to find such an attractive and centrally located marina as the one in Hirtshals, directly adjacent to the town centre, and the shopping str...

Ejerslev Harbour

Ejerslev Harbour is one of the most impressive natural harbours on Mors, home to a number of local fishermen, who sail out to fish for herring, eel an...

Stinesminde Havn (Harbor)

We welcome you tio Stinesminde – an upgraded historic gem

Aalborg Lystbådehavn

With a trip to Aalborg Lystbådehavn (Aalborg Yacht Harbour), you can look forward to experiencing an idyllic and maritime atmosphere which is close to...

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Angling in North Jutland

North Jutland encompasses all types of fishing and especially along the west coast there are plenty of possibilities to go on a fishing trip The boats M/S Albatros and Star Ocean are sailing from Hirtshals and in Thy it is possible to join a fishing tour to the Yellow Reef which is know for large catches of fish, with the boats Rederiet Gule Rev and Kutteren T248 Skagerak.

At Thorupstrand in the area of Jammerbugten the local fishermen offer trips with the boat Nordsøen.

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Canoe and kayak

Apart from boat trips on the fjors or on the sea it is possible to go on a canoe- or kayaktour. Canoes can be rented at Uggerby StreamVoer Stream and Lindenborg Stream and all offer different routes throughout the landscape. Along the routes you will find shelters and some of the coziest inns in North Jutland. Vestre Fjordpark in Aalborg, Lindholm Fjordpark and Mariager Fjord are also offering kayaks and not only canoes.

Find all canoe and kayak rentals in North Jutland here.


You can also find great maritime experiences on land in North Jutland. The North Sea Oceanarium is a fun experience for the entire family, explore life under the sea surface and learn new things at the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. The Limfjordmusem in Løgstør is telling interesting stories about the cultural history of the Limfjord, whereas the Danish Shellfish Center on Mors focuses on seafood coming from the Limfjord.

Nordsøen Oceanarium

Explore one of the biggest attractions in North Jutland, the Nordsøen Oceanarium in Hirtshals. Meet the sunfish in the biggest aquarium of Northern Europe where you can find fun and a lot of different activities for the whole family.

Springeren - Marine Experience Center

At Springeren - Maritime Centre, you get to experience the unique life at sea in the Port of Aalborg and Aalborg Shipyards. You can find different activities that the whole family can enjoy together.

Han Herred Havbåde

Living coastculture along Jammerbugten Enthusiasts in the association Han Herred Havbåde (gian boats) have created a coast cultural center and a modern boat building at Slettestrand. They are working to prevent that Denmark’s last great coastal landing sites and associated clinker-buil...

Summertime boat trips

During the whole summer it is possible to join an interesting boat tour. Jump on one of the many boat tours in Northern Jutland, such as "The Swan" (Svanen) in Mariager Fjord or take a guided boat trip along the molar formations or on one of the other cozy summer sailing trips on Mors in the Limfjord. The Limfjordmuseum near Løgstør is offering guided sailing trips on the Frederik den VII's canal und if you prefer to explore the Limfjord by yourself, then you can rent a GoBoat in Aalborg.


GoBoat ensures a special memory with your friends and family. From the boat, you’ll enjoy the city from the waterfront. Each boat fits 8 people and certification or sailing experience are not required. Experience Aalborg from a completely new perspective and explore the harbour in your...

Seal watching in Blinderøn

With an estimated seal population of approximately 2,700 - we can say that the Limfjord is full. Big groups of seals gather in Blinderøn and they often lay together in big groups and stays in "Blinderøn" all year round. In the event of high tide and in case the seals shelters are floode...

The "Svanen" Cruises

Experience the area from the seaside Treat yourself to an unforgettable trip on the “paddle steamer” Svanen on the beautiful Mariager Fjord. Svanen sails all summer from Mariager , Bramslev Bakker , Hobro and Hadsund - combine your tour as you wish. Beverages and light meals can b...

Maritime Events

Maritime events is part of the history of Northern Jutland. Each year during week 37 the "Around the Limfjord" (Limfjorden rundt) event starts, and it will go by harbour towns such as Løgstør, Nykøbing Mors and Thisted. Find all maritime events in North Jutland.

Islands and fjords in North Jutland

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