Vikings in North Jutland

Photo: VNJ

North Jutland is abundant in ancient monuments and stories from the Viking and Iron Age. Find some of these traces at the circular ramparts Aggersborg and Fyrkat or the burial site of Lindholm Høje.

Walk in the footsteps of the Vikings

Through the year, North Jutland offers many Viking markets, where you can experience Viking craftsmen and their goods. You will also get the opportunity to taste the Viking food, watch a fight or trade goods with marketers. Experience the history of North Jutland.

Sebbersund Vikingeby

Experience the Viking Settlement in Sebbersund and a fascinating insight into the Viking Age. By Sebbersund, you will find what used to be one of the ...

Fyrkat Viking Center

Vikingecenter Fyrkat consists of the historic ringfort Fyrkat and the Viking Farmstead, which is 9 reconstructed houses, that together constitute a la...

The Aggersborg viking fortress

Of all known Viking castles Aggersborg is without a doubt the largest. It was built by Harald Blåtand in 980-81. The location was chosen because it ov...

Lindholm Høje

At Lindholm Høje archaeologists have found several burial sites and settlements originating from both the Germanic Iron Age and the Viking Age, both o...

Travel through time in North Jutland

Photo: VisitNordjylland