Lindholm Høje gravplads
Lindholm Høje

Viking Fair at Lindholm Høje

There are birds of prey, horses, food, battlegroups and viking music. Lindholm Høje once again invites you to Northern Jutland’s largest Viking fair which will take place on the last weekend of June. Meet the Vikings at the top of the hills and enjoy a trip back in time.

At Lindholm Høje a big viking burial site and the Lindholm Høje Museum is situated, that are telling stories about the history of the vikings and the green areas next to the museum which are an ideal place for a viking fair. What started with a single villa tent transformed into an authentic fair with more than 70 stalls in a big area where a lot of viking groups from within and outside Denmark communicate and share their knowledge about the Viking Age with activities for the whole family.

Glad familie

25 Years of Vikings

The viking fair in Lindholm Høje, which is today the biggest one of its type in North Jutland, is carried out by a voluntary association who is sharing the interest about the Viking Age. The group has been established in 1990 and today there are about 100 persons working on creating the best possible viking experience.  

Glad familie

Viking fair for children and adults

While the adults are examining homemade goods and are watching lethal battles, the children can explore the viking workshop where they can try to spin wool, make fire with flint, make runes or other traditional crafts. If you are brave enough you can join the warrior fight school, where it is possible to train with a sword, ax and shield, but also archery is an option. If you are getting hungry, you can enjoy a tasty and authentic viking meal while musicians are playing dance music. In 2015 the riding group EhwaR visited the fair and did a horse show, whilst Ribing Vikingcenter performed with their amazing birds of prey.

Visit the viking fair in Lindholm Høje:

The viking fair in Lindholm Høje will take place on the last weekend in June. The opening hours are Saturday from 10am-5pm and Sunday from 10am-4pm.

The prices for the tickets are for an adult 60 kr. (day ticket) 100 kr. (weekend ticket) and for children (5-16 years) 20 kr. (day ticket) and 30 kr. (weekend ticket). The entrance for children (0-5 years) is for free. You can read more about it on the Lindholm Høje Homepage or on the facebook page of the viking fair.


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