Thorup strand

Thorup Strand

Thorup Strand (Thorup Beach) is more than just a beautiful beach. It is also Northern Europe's largest coastal landing site. You can everyday experience when the characteristic West Jutland fishing cutters are pulled up onto the beach when the day's catch has been landed.

Are you fascinated by authentic & traditional fishing culture?

A visit to Thorup Strand is a must on your holiday in North Jutland. The functioning natural harbor forms the framework for sustainable fishing that has existed on the west coast of North Jutland for many hundreds of years. The local fishermen fish using nets and Danish seines - not trawls. It is much more gentle on nature and the seabed.

The traditional clinker-built seaboats sail out every morning from the beach to fish in the North Sea. Once the day's catch has been caught, they sail home and are towed ashore using a tractor or bulldozer. The ships are constructed according to durable principles, which date back to the Viking Age, and the ships can manage to be pulled in and out of the beach every day.

Thorup Strand

If you visit Thorup beach, there is plenty of opportunities to see how the fishing boats are pulled ashore. The fishermen do not mind that you are interested in the cutters and they are happy to answer questions.

The arrival of the cutters?  

Since the beach is first and foremost a functioning workplace, the cutters only return when the day's catch is caught. It can be at any time during the day, but often in the afternoon. While you wait, the beach and the local areas are definitely worth exploring.

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