Hjort i Store Vildmose
Store Vildmose

Store Vildmose

The wide-open spaces and dramatic history and amazing nature makes a visit to Store Vildmose (The large moor) perfect. On the 60 square kilometers area, you will find art, nature and history.

Southwest of Brønderslev and east of Blokhus is Store Vildmose, a raised bog with distinctive and magnificent nature. The raised bog offers exciting cultural history. In 1921 the moor changed to accommodate a need for more farming area, such as cattle grazing areas. The farmers also produce the well-known Vildmose potatoes from this area which are a popular local delicacy. In the bog, you will also find a varied animal life, from deers to swans, geese and large birds of prey. 

In spring you can experience the color orgy of the protected bog and the white fluff from the cotton-grass. In harvest time the purple-colored heather, the cross-leaved heath, carnivorous sundew and the long thin stems with red, edible cranberries are flourishing.

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In the bog, you can find ancient stepping stones, laid down to make it easier to traverse the raised bog. From the lookout tower in the northern part of the bog you can keep an eye out for the varied birdlife. During World War II, a British bomber crashed in Store Vildmose and you can find the memorial in the small village of Luneborg. A trip to Store Vildmose is a trip through history and the area offers amazing nature.


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Longitude: 9.791047

Latitude: 57.205104