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Spend a night at a castle or manor house

Vitskøl kloster

Castles and manor houses

Stay overnight at the fairytale castles or manor houses in North Jutland, and experience the old and historic buildings and stories up close. You get very close to the history of North Jutland and spend the night in a place with great historical background. Explore the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the delicious food that is served in most places. You can live like kings and queens by being pampered in the beautiful rooms and magnificent castle gardens. The experience is unique and who knows, maybe you will meet or hear the castle ghost around midnight.

If you are looking for different historical accommodation, you can also spend the night at some of the North Jutland monasteries, where the surroundings also tell a story about historical North Jutland and its development.

Experience the Castles and Manor Houses of North Jutland

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