Feriehus ved Skallerup Klit
Skallerup Seaside Resort

Skallerup Seaside Resort

In calm settings and surrounded by amazing nature, Skallerup Seaside Resort is the perfect place for you and your family in North Jutland. Enjoy a day at the Spa, go horseback riding on the beach or explore all the other activities.

The Skallerup Seaside Resort has been enticing guests to their holiday since 1949 and it has created loyal guests who come again and again. In 2018 TripAdvisor rewarded them with a Traveller's Choice Award with the 5th place in the category "Top 25 hotels with the best service in Denmark". Here you will experience perfect holidays with a lot of activities in a beautiful nature surrounding next to the roaring North Sea.

Skallerup Seaside Resort - far søn i vandland
Skallerup Seaside Resort

Holidays for the whole family

Take your holiday in the Skallerup Seaside Resort where a typical day starts with the smaller children running around in the large fun park while the elder siblings start baking cookies in the kitchen. The little brother soon becomes busy printing photos in the workshop, while the youngest squeals with delight about the mascot of the resort, the turtle Skalle. Mum and dad can also participate in the fun, without having to look over their shoulder constantly as the children are playing in a safe setting. Meanwhile, there is time for the adults to make glass art, brew brandy or team up with their children to make the very best sweets. The holiday resort is also offering a tropical aqua park with vortices, water cannons, caves and slides. Try the jungle path too where all can play like Tarzan, the Bowling alley and maybe jumping on a trampoline.

pige på dyregård i Nordjylland
Skallerup Seaside Resort

Visit the Farm at Skallerup Seaside Resort

The feeling of relaxation will flow through your body while you are walking in the dunes with the wind in your face, returning to your cozy holiday home which has both sauna, spa and a wood-burning stove. Leave your work behind and swing by Skallerup’s very own farm, where your kids can learn about the animals, see where the food comes from and pet, feed and even ride horses. Meet cows, pigs, goats and deer. Or Shetland ponies on which the smallest ones can experience their first riding experience, of course with mum and dad next to them. For older kids and adults they are offering guided riding tours on the back of an Islandic horse through hilly terrain, forest and down to the beach. Nearby, you will find Emil’s carving cabin, where the craftsman Woodpek shows the children how to make cutlery from wood, and thereby, keep an ancient tradition alive. Visit also the Animal Farm and the Riding Center.

Kvinde svømmer i bassin i Romulus
Skallerup Seaside Resort

Calm down and relax

If you want to relax completely, the Skallerup Seaside Resort is offering a lot of possibilities. You can pamper yourself with experiencing a saunagus or visit the exclusive Roman bath Romulus, where the sense of an ancient bathing culture exists. Here, the rooms are filled with a scent of eucalyptus from the steam baths, creating a warm, soothing atmosphere made for relaxing, with masseurs standing by, making stress and worries go away. And after relaxing in the sauna and the warm thermal baths, you can jump into ice-cold water to be cooled down and feel renewed. Or enjoy a glas of champagne in the spa outside with a stunning view of the dunes and the North Sea. Romulus is for adults over 16 years. If you want to get your heart rate up, you should take a look at the fitness center where you can go for a run on a tread mill while admiring the amazing view of the sea. Furthermore, they offer group activities like yoga, Qi gong and more.

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