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Shopping I Aalborg

Shopping in North Jutland

Photo: Nicolas Cho Meier

In North Jutland, there is plenty of opportunities to satisfy your shopping cravings. Are you looking for secondhand items, fashion clothes, or local specialties, you will find it all in the North Jutland shopping towns. Take a walk through the cozy pedestrian streets or shopping malls.

Market towns in North Jutland

In addition to Aalborg, you will also find several shopping opportunities in North Jutland. You can visit Hjørring, which with its long pedestrian street and Metropol Shopping Center has good shopping opportunities. Go to Frederikshavn, where you can walk through the 2-kilometer pedestrian street. In North Jutland, you will find a large selection of artisans, cozy towns with new local shopping experiences, and unique shops.

The Capital of North Jutland

In Aalborg, you will find plenty of different shopping experiences. From large shopping centres like Salling, Friis and Magasin to small quirky shops in the lesser-known areas. Aalborg has two pedestrian shopping streets: Algade and Bispensgade, located in close proximity to each other. Stroll through the streets and enjoy the bustling life of the town, while window-shopping in some of North Jutland’s most charming pedestrian precincts. From these streets, you can turn towards the less known areas of Nørregade and Søndergade, where small cozy shops are abundant. Outside of the city, you will find the mall, Aalborg Storcenter, with 75 shops and one Hypermarket, Bilka. 


Venner på det HVide Hus
Photo: Nicolas Cho Meier
SHopping i Loftet Aalborg
Photo: VNJ

The Top of Aalborg

On top of the well-known shopping mall, Salling, right in the city center, you will find 'Salling ROOFTOP'. An all-new urban space under the open sky with a lounge, bar, and café from where you can enjoy the view of the city. The Salling ROOFTOP offers coffee, cocktails, and meals which you can enjoy in a cozy environment. If it is sunny and warm, you can enjoy the outside dining and lounge area. If you are brave enough, you will have the option to walk on the Skywalk, which is a 30 meters high glass ramp from where you can look down to Algade.

Udsigt over Aalborg By Salling Rooftop

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Photo: Mette Johnsen
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