Talk with the local fishermen in the harbors and listen to their fantastic stories. You should buy today's local catch directly from the local fishmongers.

Fishing in North Jutland

Fishing has always been an important part of life in North Jutland and especially along the coastlines. The coastal towns offer exciting and dynamic harbor and fishing environments, have some great local experiences. Experience, among other things, the traditional coastal fishing at Thorup Strand, where the fishing boats are pulled up on the beach every day after the day's catch. Or visit the Danish Shellfish Center at Mors, where you can read the research and learn more about Limfjord oysters, blue mussels, and black lobsters. At the Limfjord Museum, you can learn more about the Limfjord fishing of the time. At the North Sea Oceanarium, you can get really close to life in the North Sea and see the beautiful fish, jellyfish, etc. If you have the discipline to get up early in the morning, you have an opportunity to experience a real fish auction in Hastholm, Hirtshals, or Skagen.

The North Jutland harbor towns and fishing cutters are filled with quality seafood, which are used in the local fish restaurants and which you can buy at fishmongers throughout North Jutland.

Freshly caught Seafood

North Jutland is full of wonderful and local maritime taste experiences. Visit the local fisherman and fishmongers, the innovative fish restaurants, and the seasonal food festivals. The water around North Jutland offers great riches and food which you can experience across the region. The Norway lobster from Læsø and Kattegat, mussels, and oysters from the Limfjord, black lobster from the Limfjord and the west coast, and fresh fish from the North Jutland ports.

Bon appetite!

Seafood events

Black Lobsters from North Jutland
Fiskerbåde på stranden ved Lønstrup
Norway lobster from Læsø
Læsø havn ved solnedgang
Fresh fish from North Jutland
Havnen i Hirtshals oppefra
Mussels & Oysters
Løgstør havnebåd