Den tilsandede kirke i Skagen
Den tilsandede kirke i Skagen

The Sand-Covered Church

The Sand-Covered Church, or 'Den Tilsandede Kirke' in Danish, is located just south-west of Skagen, and is a spectacular sight and a reminder of the forces of nature.

The church, which bears the name of Sct. Laurentii, Saint Laurence who was the seafarer's guardian saint, is estimated to have been built in the second half of the 14th century and was, at that time, the largest church in the northernmost part of Jutland.

Sand migration began in the 16th century and reached the church at the end of the 18th century. The congregation had to dig their way into the church when they wanted to attend services. The struggle against the sand continued until 1795 when the church was closed by royal decree. Today only the tower of the ancient church is visible.

Den tilsandede kirke
Den tilsandede kirke

The Sand-Covered church is a reminder of the sands destructive forces, as now it is only the church tower standing alone in the dunes. The original name of the church is Sct. Laurentii, which from the 14th century to 1795 was the parish church for Skagen. When it became harder for churchgoers to dig their way to the church, the battle against the sand started, until King Christian VII closed it. The nave of the church was torn down, and now only the church tower stands.

A trip to the church is very easy, it is located just outside of Skagen, and it is the perfect picnic spot. Bring your lunch and let the kids play free in the dunes or on the playground.


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Longitude: 10.550556

Latitude: 57.713615

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