Aabybro Mejeri
Aabybro Mejeri

Aabybro Dairy

The award winning Aabybro Mejeri, founded in 1888, is the oldest dairy in Denmark.


Aabybro dairy started as a dairy corporation for seven local farms in North Jutland, in 1888. The dairy was build on the edge of the small stream Ryå, the water was used to cool down the milk. The primary production at that time was milk, cheese and butter for the locals and a bit for exporting. Today, the dairy is privately held by the family Lindhardt, who has been in charge since 1968. 

In 1990 the owners expanded the selection of goods, and started to produce ice-cream, named RYÅ IS.

Børn der spiser is ved Aabybro Mejeri
Aabybro Mejeri

Quality ice-cream from local ingredients

RYÅ is made from fresh and local cream and beet sugar. The ingredients also include bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, handpicked strawberries, Belgium chocolate and homemade nougat. 

All ice-cream is prepared after craft traditions, which makes the preparation process slowly. Aabybro dairy is taking place in all parts of the preparation process - from cream to freezer.

Aabybro dairy is also producing high-energy ice-cream, that is especially for people who lost the desire for food or who cannot eat so much because of a disease.

knallertfører med is fra Aabybro Mejeri
Ryå is

Products made by master craftsmen

Aabybro dairy's products are made by experienced dairy technicians. This means all products are of the highest standard, which is also seen in the many gastronomic prices Aabybro dairy has won. You can buy their dairy products in the dairy shop, online or in local supermarkets.