Far med to drenge ved Røverknolden
Rold Skov

Røverknolden Outdoor Playground by Rold Forest

At ’Røverknolden’ you have the chance to get a lot of fun experiences, explore ”The Big World” – a sensory path where you can discover the animals and mushrooms of the forest or play on the many wooden instruments in the Musical Outdoor Space.

The outdoor nature playground Røverknolden in Rebild is one of the best of its kind in Scandinavia and is located in the heart of one of the largest forests in Denmark, Rold Forest.

At 'Røverknolden' playground you will walk in the footsteps of Thumbelina and use your senses on the sensory path which is in a big area around the playground. Here you can find different types of mushrooms in different colours. The trees are shaped as trolls, with eyes and long, red noses, and some of the trees are decorated with home knitted wear. Along the path, you will find big stones, some of which will be painted or chopped so witches, trolls and elves are created. All in all a walk filled with experiences and impressions!

Pige på cykel i skoven

Geocaching in Rold forest

While enjoying your lunch it is possible to meet "robbers" but you do not need to get scared because they just enjoy themselves in the beautiful forest. More precisely, they try to find a treasure with Geocaching, which is an interactive form of orienteering. Try it yourself, you only need a device with GPS, like a smartphone, good hiking shoes and a lot of curiosity. The treasures from Geocaching are distributed all around the world with each of them having own GPS-coordinates and many of them can be found in Rold forest and Rebild Bakker. If you find the treasure, typically a waterproof container, you have to write your Geocaching-name into the logbook, maybe put in a little thing for the next treasure hunter and afterwards put the container back - so not completely how a real robber would do it. Children, teens and adults rise with body and soul while going Geocaching, maybe because it is an exciting and creative game which brings the whole family even closer.