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Rold Forest

Photo: Daniel Brandt Andersen

The forest, Rold Skov, is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing or active holiday, and on top of this, you can explore one of the many amazing natural and cultural experiences.

A breathing space for all

Visit Rold Forest, where nature is something special. You will find amazing landscapes and many nature activities - the perfect destination for a holiday in North Jutland. Grab your family and take a trip through the rolling hills, relax and find peace of mind in the green nature. The forest gives you the opportunity to try some of the culinary experiences and sometimes the more physically challenging adventures. 

Træer i Rold Skov


Fortunately, the level of exercise is up to you: if you are highly active you may challenge yourself with a 23-kilometer wild mountain bike ride in Rold Forest – either on their own or in the company of a guide. If you prefer a more modest adrenaline kick, there are countless wonderful marked hiking routes. You can also rent a canoe for a peaceful trip down the stream, Lindenborg Å. A charming stay during your tour, whether it is by foot, cycle, or in a canoe, is the exuberant source Lille Blåkilde, which is one of the richest water sources in North Europe. The path through Rold Forest and Trolde forest will let you pass the water source Springkilden or one of the many ancient tombs. If you bring your children, you can visit Røverknolden, the best playground in the North.

Mountainbiking in Rebild

Rold Skov

Photo: VisitNordjylland
Sup surfer på å

Rold Skov

Photo: Dennis Pilgaard

Have Rold Forest in your backyard 

With your water supplies replenished from the crystal-clear spring, you are prepared for the return trip to one of Rebild’s charming hotels, such as e.g. the luxurious Rold Storkro with its fireplace, sauna, and swimming pool – or one of the other places where you can spend a night, who have the forest of Rold in its backyard. One regularly recurring event is, the Rebild Celebrations, where Danish-Americans get together under the treetops, celebrating Danish traditions on the United States’ Independence Day. This is a great historical experience for all.

You can read more about the Rebild celebrations.

Rebild Bakker efterår

Photo:Daniel Brandt Andersen

Experiences in Rold Skov

A little later in the year, the green forest is the framework for yet a tremendous experience – this time against a musical backdrop, namely Opera in Rebild. Here love constitutes the overriding theme for the participating great soloists, from Denmark and abroad. Another experience during the summer is that Rold Skov provides a rich opportunity for taking a towel to the lake, Store Okssø, where you can lie down by the lakeside or take a refreshing swim in the water. You can also spend a night outside in front of the big outdoor screen which features currently popular film, remember to stuff your hamper with popcorns and soda.


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Latitude: 56.795128

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