Cykelpar på bænk

Regional bicycle routes

North Jutland is a region abundant in interesting towns and unique nature, explore it all on two wheels, on one of the many regional bicycle routes.

The Vendsyssel Route

Vendsyssel cykelrute

The route starts in Jammerbugten close to Ejersted and ends near Hellum and Brønden. The route takes you through green surroundings and through Brønderslev.

The Limfjord, historic route, Rødhus and Husbyroute

Cykelrute - Limfjordsruten, historisk set, rødhusruten og husbyruten

The route starts and ends by Rimmen just outside Vester Hassing. The route follows the Limfjord from Aggersund to Hals and Egense.

Thisted - Holstebro, Thisted - Thyholm

Cykelrute - Thisted-Holstebro, Thisted-Thyholm

The route starts just outside Sindrup and ends in Thisted, it follows the fjord through small interesting towns.

Vokslev route - Skivum route - geological

Cykelrute - Vokslevruten - Skivumruten - geologisk set

The route starts and ends in Suldrup. The route goes through towns like Vegger, Halkær, Nibe, Øster Hornum, Guldbæk, Ellidshøj, Volsted, Gammel Skørping and Rebild. It offers both the Limfjord and beautiful nature.

Boller route

Cykelrute - Bollerruten

The route starts in Ørvad by Hjørring and ends out in Nejsum heathen. Therefore, the route guides you through Kirkholt, Tårs and Terpet.

Nature trail, Nibe - Hvalpsund

Cykelrute - Naturstien, Nibe - Hvalpsund

The route starts in Hvalpsund and ends in Nibe. You will pass the towns Louns, Alstrup, Gammel Ullits, Svingelbjerg, Farsø, Havbro, Aars, Blære Stationsby, Vegger and Halkær.

Solruten (The sun route)

Cykelrute - Solruten Mors

The route takes you around the island of Mors, through towns and along the coast line.

Bælum route

Cykelrute - Bælum ruten

The route starts by Store Økssø and ends inn Bælum. It will take you through Rold Forest and the towns Møldrup, Astrup and Terndrup.

Himmerland trail, Løgstrup-Løgstør

Cykelrute - Himmerlandsstien, Løgstrup-Løgstør

The route starts and ends in Løgstrup. The route takes you through the towns Skals, Skringstrup, Møldrup, Hvam, Aalestrup, Østerbølle, Østrup, Aars, Hornum and Gatten.

North Thy route

Cykelrute - Nordthy ruten

The route starts at Thorup Beach and ends in Klitmøller. It takes you through the towns Østerild, Sennels and Thisted. A part of the route leads you through the dunes and the Nationalpark Thy.

Limfjord route, Thyholm - Vestertorup

Cykelrute - Limfjordsruten, Thyholm - Vestertorup

The route starts by Sindrup and ends in Vester Torup. It takes you through the cities Boddum, Heltborg, Villerslev, Skyum, Vildsund Vest, Sundby, Tilsted, Sennels and Østerild.

Bicycle routes

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