Rebild Bakker

Rebild Bakker

In Rebild Bakker you will experience more than just great and beautiful nature experiences. You can do beautiful hikes, get your skills tested on an MTB and climb the highest point in the area. All year round you can also experience, the local nature develops e.g. when the heather bloom.

A magnificent landscape in Rebild Bakker

In Rebild Bakker (Rebild Hills) you will experience magnificent and beautiful nature. Here, the local hiking routes are an experience all year round, and you can experience nature's changing seasons up close. If you are interested in nature experiences, Rebild Bakker is the perfect area for you to visit, as the area offers springs, streams, and beautiful viewpoints at the top of the hills, views that will take your breath away.

Dreng løber i Rebild Bakker
Rebild Bakker

Experiences in Rebild Bakker

Rebild Bakker offers fantastic nature experiences all year round, as the color of the heather-clad hills changes in step with the seasons and temperatures. In the spring you will see a light green landscape while everything develops. In late summer you will experience the breathtaking purple glow of heather that blooms and cover the many hills. In autumn, the purple colors are replaced with the beautiful red, brown, and yellow colors, and in winter, nature lies dormant under the large heaps of snow. On a walk in the hills, you will experience the local Ravnkilde and Kovad's stream, streams, high climbs, and beautiful views from the tops of the hills. Sønderkol is one of the highest points in the area, rising 102 meters above sea level. Your reward for climbing all the way to the top is a fantastic view of Lindenborg Ådal, the unique hill formations, the local paths, and the sheep that graze. The sheep are used as natural care of the nature areas for grazing plants. Without the sheep, nature and all the hills will quickly be covered with trees and grass.

Be active in Rebild

Rebild Bakker's beautiful and hilly heath landscape has some fantastic hiking routes, including the Rebild Bakker route, which is a certified hiking route. If you follow the Rebild Bakker route, you will get the best of the best in the local area. You will experience the local springs, hills, the troll forest, great views, and much more. Of course, Rebild can also be used for smaller walks in beautiful natural surroundings, if that is what you want.

If you are more into mountain biking, you will find the best MTB routes in Rold Skov. Beginners and more experienced riders are more than welcome on the fantastic Rold Skov mountain bike route of 32 km and about 600 altitude meters. On the route, you pass through the beautiful forest, which alternates between the gravel road and small forest paths that wind through the landscape. This route is the primary route in the area of approx. 17 km. However, it can be extended with detour tracks, which increase the distance to approx. 32 km.

The Rebild Celebration

Every year, Danes and Danish-Americans celebrate America's Independence Day at the world's largest and only 4th of July event outside the United States. Rebildselskabet, which is responsible for this event, is the first Danish-American friendship association and has today existed for more than 100 years. In 1910, emigrants bought 190 acres of land in Rebild Bakker, which was to form the framework for the Rebild Celebration. The money for the purchase of the heathland in Rebild Bakker came from donations from Danish-Americans, and the idea was to donate the newly purchased area to the Danish state as a national park. In return, the association would be allowed to use the area to celebrate American Independence Day on July 4th. The first Rebild Celebration took place on August 5th, 1912.
A lot of different celebrities have been guests at the Rebild Celebration. In addition to kings and queens, Jeppe Aakjær, Thorvald Stauning, Johannes V. Jensen, Walt Disney, Richard Nixon, Victor Borge and many more. The yearly celebration has great support in the local area and has throughout the years been well attended.

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