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Panorama biking routes

Photo: Niclas Jessen

The North Jutland scenic panorama bike routes guide you to places with fantastic views, beautiful nature, and local gems. The panoramic routes vary in length and are made as a kind of trip through the local area. You can start wherever it suits you the best.

What are Panorama cycling routes?

The Panorama Routes are cycling trails, where you are taken to places with fantastic views, but also to small secret spots. Along the west coast of Jutland, you will find 16 signposted panorama routes, which are between 20 and 50 km long. The routes follow or closely pass the West Coast and the legendary West Coast Route. In North Jutland, you will find routes 10-16, 7 signposted panoramic routes, all located on the west coast. The routes can be the destination for an excursion, a weekend holiday, or as part of a cycling holiday. Some of the routes are also suitable for children.

All routes are close to great accommodation, restaurants and you will find exciting sights along the way, which you can choose to visit on your trip. The Panorama Routes are part of the "Powered by Cycling: Panorama" project, which is supported by the EU Regional Fund.

Panorama bike routes

The panorama cycle routes take you through some of Denmark's most beautiful nature, past exciting sights and secret places that only the locals know of. In North Jutland, there are 7 Panorama routes on the national West Coast route. You can start on the route where it suits you best.

Par med cykler ved Slettestrand
Niclas Jessen

Panorama route 10: Agger - Hurup - Bedsted (43 km)

You will be bicycling through several 100 years of struggle between nature and man at Thy National Park. You will feel the wind from the North Sea and the drifting sand. You will pass drifting dunes, engulfing meter after meter of the dune heath each year. You will pass the lighthouse, which has helped countless boats safely into the harbour from the roaring sea. Like an oasis in the rough terrain, you will arrive at a plantation with fruit trees, where you can pick fruit for your packed lunch.

Dyr i nationalpark Thy

Panorama route 11: Nr.Vorupør - Stenbjerg - Hundborg (44 km)

In a landscape characterised by sand drifting and the Ice Age, you will find a true paradise for animals. The open spaces of Thy National Park are the home of many rare animals and interesting plants. Otters hide at the water's edge and mighty stags will watch you from their hiding place. Get off your bicycle and look for animal tracks, while enjoying the air and light in the untouched nature.

Sømærke og badehuse Blokhus strand Jammerbugten
Mette Johnsen

Panorama route 12: Blokhus - Tranum (49 km) 

You will be riding your bicycles on what used to be seafloor past moors and rough nature, where people have struggled to plant trees and sow crops. In this rugged landscape, you can see how the locals through the ages until today have, against all odds, managed to use nature to extract peat from the moors, produce salt and even make natural medicine. Hop off your bicycle for a bit and hear the stories.

Par cykler på stranden i solnedgang
Mette Johnsen

Panorama route 13: Blokhus - Saltum - Hune (27 km)

You will be riding your bicycles between foaming waves and dunes on the wide sandy beaches near Blokhus. Old shipwrecks are hidden under the sand and below the surface of the sea. If you are lucky, you might see the top of a shipwreck, when the waves wash away the sand for a while. Further inland, sheep are grazing on the fields surrounding the small village Saltum, which has for hundreds of years been known as "the wool town".

Hirtshals Fyr
Daniel Brandt Andersen

Panorama route 14: Hirtshals - Mygdal - Tornby (44 km)

You will have a view of all corners of the world, once you deservedly reach the many, high hilltops. The view of the sea and the fields are shrouded in the very unique light you will only find in the north of Denmark. Take a deep breath and enjoy the view of the north of Denmark for as long as the eye can see. You will see the sea in the distance, encouraging you to take a cooling dip.

Hirtshals udsigts Hjørring
Robin Skjoldborg

Panorama route 15: Hirtshals - Uggerby (35 km)

You will be riding your bicycle with the water as your traveling companion along streams, lakes, and bridges, and you will often be able to see life below the surface of the water. Have a closer look at the deep-sea fish from the dark depths of the North Sea at the North Sea Oceanarium. Experience life at the harbor, when the fishing boats bring in their catch. Catch fish from the beach or in the stream and eat your own catch in nature. Or order freshly caught fish from one of the menus in the fishing town Hirtshals.

Albækvej mod Skagen
Jørne Skoven

Panorama route 16: Ålbæk - Hulsig (41 km)

In the very special northern light, you will ride your bicycles on the top of Denmark through the realm of the birds of prey. It is completely flat here, but in the sky above you, you will see soaring golden eagles, sea eagles and buzzards, who once in a while dive into the landscape to catch a bird, a fish, a reptilian or a hare. Stop for a moment and observe the majestic birds above you.

The bike route Vestkyststien

The bike route Vestkyststien has the relationship between man and sea as its theme. This route has its course close to the windy North Sea. You will experience the coastal landscape up close at the cliffs at Bulbjerg and Rubjerg Knude further north.

The route also moves further inland through interesting cultural landscapes and quiet dune plantations with possibilities for digressions for cultural experiences. For example, you can experience Thy National Park on your bicycle, the unique nature in the valley Fosdalen, at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, and drop by the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals. You can also have great nature experiences further north with a trip to Råbjerg Mile or Grenen near Skagen.

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