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Outdoor activities for kids

Photo: Niclas Jessen

All-year-round you will find lots of exciting outdoor activities for the entire family in nature but also in the cozy towns along the coast. North Jutland is known for its unique nature experiences, and the opportunities are many.

Into nature

Go explore the beautiful nature of North Jutland, visit one of the great playgrounds, jump into the waves at Cold Hawaii or by Løkken North Shore Surf, or venture into the woods and discover one of the Geocaches. 

Røverknolden Outdoor Playground by Rold Forest

At ’Røverknolden’ you have the chance to get a lot of fun experiences, explore ”The Big World” – a sensory path where you can discover the animals and mushrooms of the forest or play on the many wooden instruments in the Musical Outdoor Space.

Geocaching in North Jutland

Geocaching is the perfect past time for the entire family. Enjoy the fresh air and explore nature while looking for a hidden treasure. Geocaching can be everything from a relaxing picnic in the woods to an active adventure to see who finds the cache first.

Amber - the tears of Gods

In Denmark, there is a saying that 'a dear child has many names'. Searching for “Denmark's Gold” - "The tears of Gods" (and many more names) among the breakers is a unique experience. We are, of course, referring to amber, which is 30–50 million-year-old fir tree resin.

Surfing in North Jutland

In North Jutland you will find plenty of opportunities to try surfing, whether you are experienced or a beginner.

Bicycle routes in North Jutland

North Jutland is the ideal destination for a bicycle holiday. You will find cosy trails for the entire family or more challenging routes for those who spend more time on two wheels.

Fårup Sommerland

Photo: Fårup Sommerland

Get close to the animals

Lille Vildmose centre

The Lille Vildmose Center is located in the center of the natural area of Lille Vildmose , a true paradise for nature lovers. Explore the wild animals, from moose to deers and many different bird species.

Aalborg Zoo

Explore animal species from all over the world at Aalborg Zoo. Be fascinated by the chimpanzees, see the African elephants play outside or discover your personal favourite animal.

Skallerup Seaside Resort Riding center

At the Equestrian Center, Skallerup Seaside Resort there is a large selection of equestrian trips all year round for both children and adults.

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Year-round activities

Whenever you decide to visit North Jutland, spring, summer, autumn or winter you will find plenty of activities. The traditional Easter hunt at Børglum Abbey, build a sandcastle by the beach or explore one of the many Christmas markets around the region. The choice is yours!

Dinosaur Exhibit 2020

Aalborg Zoo offers an opportunity for an unforgettable experience with their exhibition Extinction. Get close and experience the giant prehistoric ani...

Bolcheriet® in Løkken

Old fashioned, fully-functioning sweet factory open to everyone with a sweet tooth. See how a sweet is created from start to finish by professional sw...

Røverknolden playground

ADVENTURE, MUSIC AND SENSES IN ACTION AT RØVERKNOLDEN. It is a huge playground with many great experiences. The playground is located 200 meters fr...

Landal Rønbjerg

If you are staying at Landal you have free access to the tropic water park with a wave pool, kiddie pool and resistance pool. You can also enjoy water...

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