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Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Keep your balance on the board and enjoy the North Jutland nature with a wonderful water activity such as Stand Up Paddle surfing. An exciting activity for all ages and talents.

SUP Surfing in North Jutland

Standup Paddle surfing or SUP surfing is a popular water sport in North Jutland, as there are great and beautiful spots along the North Jutland coastlines, which are perfect for SUP surfing. In the beach and seaside towns along the west coast, east coast, and the fjords, you can rent your equipment, and often you have the opportunity to get an introduction to this popular watersport.
For SUP surfing or Standup Paddle surfing, the surfer needs a board, a paddle, and a life jacket. The surfer stands upright on the board and uses the paddle to surf around on the water. Standup paddle is a water activity for everyone regardless of age and level of skills. So, if you need to train balance and body control, it's just about getting out and ride the waves.

SUP board surfer på Limfjorden
Photo: Mette Johnsen
Mor datter SUP surfer
Photo: Mette Johnsen

Great Stand Up Paddle spots? 

In North Jutland, there are really good opportunities to have your skills tested on a SUP board. In the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord, there are plenty of opportunities to surf on calm water without big waves. The same applies to the east coast. By the North Sea, it is possible to test your talent in water with more and waves as well as stronger currents.
Stand Up Paddle is popular in North Jutland and therefore there are good opportunities to rent equipment and try out the sport in some of the marinas, lakes, streams, bays, and at the sea.
Put on your swimsuit or wetsuit and become a Stand Up Paddle surfing champion. 

SUP surf spots in North Jutland:

North Shore Surf
Photo: VisitNordvestkysten, Løkken

North Shore Surf

Surf through your vacation in Løkken!

Join North Shore Surf in the waves of the North Sea! North Shore Surf School offers surf courses for you, your family and friends. Løkken Pier is one of the best...

WestWind Surf Shop Klitmøller
Photo: Visit Nordvestkysten

WestWind Surf Shop Klitmøller

Westwind Klitmøller offers water sports activities and perfect facilities for the whole family. Rental, surf camps and courses in windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing and SUP.

Surf og Natur
Photo: VisitNordvestkysten, Hirtshals

Surf og Natur

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Hirtshals from the waterside.

Cold Hawaii Surf Camp in Klitmøller
Photo: Thy Turistforening

Cold Hawaii Surf Camp in Klitmøller

The town of Klitmoller is well known as one of the best locations for surfers at all levels, in Northern Europe. 

And with it's wild and magical coastline combined with our worldwide experience, profes...


First time SUP surfing?

Remember, Standup Paddle surfing is for everyone! At the local North Jutland surf shops, you can rent or buy the right equipment, book introduction courses, get advice and guides from experienced surfers. You can be thoroughly introduced to standup paddle, so you know what you are doing once you start paddling around at sea or in the fjords. You must be aware of the weather and wind conditions and always orient yourself towards the coast. Remember it is mandatory to bring a life jacket. The SUP and surf community, in North Jutland, has a fantastic strong unity and association life, so there is almost always the opportunity to get assistance and tricks for the technique from some more seasoned SUP surfers.
If you love being on the water and having wild experiences in nature, then SUP surfing is guaranteed to give you some extraordinary experiences when the beautiful North Jutland coasts, lakes, and streams are to be explored.

Be safe in the sea

There are various safety guides on how to safely use the sea in North Jutland. Security is an important part of SUP and other forms of surfing. The Danish Surf and Rafting Association has compiled a number of good advice for surfing, legislation you need to be aware of, possible apps and equipment you need. You will find the danish guide here.

Standup Paddle or SUP gives a great feeling of freedom. You become a part of nature, your surroundings and you feel the forces of nature on your own body. You get a great love for nature and learn to take care of it and appreciate what it provides.

Photo:Mette Johnsen

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