Læsø havn ved solnedgang
Læsø Havn

Norway lobster from Læsø

Well hidden under the sea surface, at the bottom of the sea around the beautiful island of Læsø, you will find is a delicious delicacy: the Norway lobster.

Læsø's Norway Lobster 

Læsø is known for something other than Læsø salt. The island is one of the world's largest producers of lobsters. The delicious delicacy is known all over the world but tastes best freshly caught. The deep-water lobster, as it is also known, lives at 25-250 meters depth on the seabed in the sea around North Jutland and Læsø. The fishing industry on Læsø is therefore mainly focused on this, which the island is also characterized by. It is an exciting experience to walk around the harbor and see the cutters come ashore with the day's catch. They do like to show the day's catch and answer any possible questions.

Kvinde klipper tang på Læsø
Jomfruhummer fra Læsø

Eat Norway Lobster

At the island's restaurants and cafes, you should taste the local delicious delicacy. The many great eateries and restaurants have established, their own way of using the Norway lobster as a product. You can fx get acquainted with the local and delicious lobster hot dog, which is available in different varieties on the island. In addition to being a delicious product, the Norway lobster also contributes significantly to the fishing community on the small island in the middle of the Kattegat.

The fishing industry on Læsø

A small group of fishermen and other locals wanted back in time to ensure better sales opportunities for the local fishermen and at the same time develop and strengthen the job situation on the island. Today, the fishing industry has developed into one of the world's largest exporter of Norway lobster. For the fishing industry on Læsø, the Norway lobster fishery is today the primary task and from the island, Norway lobsters are sent out to customers all over the world.

The Norway lobsters are fished by local boats that catch the fresh lobsters. The lobsters are caught by the boats immersing a net in the water, the net sliding down to the seabed, whereby the live lobsters are collected. The lobsters are processed immediately after the boats arrive at Læsø Fiskeindustri.

The special Norway lobster is considered an exclusive delicacy throughout the world

Seafood Festival

The Norway Lobster Festival is held every year on Læsø in Østerby in August. If you visit the festival, you can experience the cooking competition for "The Golden Lobster Claw", which is a great prestige for the Danish top chefs to win. The competition is individual and the idea is to create dishes with Norway lobster as the main ingredient.

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