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Jyske ås græseng
kvinde i bramslev bakker

The Nature in North Jutland

Photo:Mette Johnsen&Mette Johnsen

A Magical Nature

North Jutland, has plenty of nature to explore, and you will find beautiful nature experiences that will take you on a trip through time. Explore the hills in Rebild Bakker, formed by the ice age, go on a fossil hunt at Hanklit on the island of Mors, spot the moose in Lille Vildmose or the birds at the Grey Lighthouse in Skagen and in Bulbjerg. Take a trip to the last wilderness of Denmark in Thy National Park or to the nature center Vejlerne at Han Herred.

Breakaway from everyday life and find peace in the nature of North Jutland. From the roaring sea in the west to the calm forests and shallow waters in the east. Go explore Rold Skov and see the over 300-year-old beech trees.

Beach, Fjords & Dunes

In North Jutland, there is plenty of room for the entire family. Wide sandy beaches, forest areas, lakes, and much more. Nature invites you to go explore and discover new adventures and activities around every corner or behind the next tree. If you prefer water activities, North Jutland can accommodate you, as the region is surrounded by the seas, the wild North Sea, and the calm Kattegat. The fjord, lakes, and rivers also give you some great options for adventurous activities for groups of friends or families.

Explore the nature in North Jutland

Explore North Jutland's beautiful nature areas through hiking or biking, you can also do day trips to North Jutland's must-see nature areas.

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