Bulbjerg ved Skumring

Explore the beautiful nature

Råbjerg Mile i skumring

Surrounded by water and covered in magical forests and moor, North Jutland has something special for you. Here you will find peace of mind and really get in touch with nature.

Great views

Are you fascinated by amazing views, then look no further, in North Jutland you will find sights and attractions you will never forget. 

Beautiful views in North Jutland

In North Jutland you will find magnificent views all over. From amazing vistas along the coast to hill top views above the moors and woodlands.

Navigation marks by the North Sea

If lighthouses  are the traffic lights, then navigation marks are the road signs of the sea. They were erected to warn sailors of dangerous waters and as a marker of which coastal town they were near, you will find some of these marks in Løkken, Blokhus and Skagen on the west coast.

Bulbjerg Bird Cliff and Bunker

Bulbjerg is Jutland's only cliff, which is 47 meters above sea level and is also called for "The Shoulder of Jutland". Besides providing an amazing view over the North Sea, the limestone cliff is also the home to many different bird species.

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Explore rolling hills, forests and lakes

North Jutland is also offering a great variety of forest, hills and lakes. This diverse nature, combined with the four beautiful seasons in Denmark, make North Jutland worth a visit all the year around.

Rold Forest

The forest, Rold Skov, is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing or active holiday, and on top of this, you can explore one of the many amazing gastronom...

Store Vildmose

The wide-open spaces and dramatic history and amazing nature makes a visit to Store Vildmose (The large moor) perfect. On the 60 square kilometers are...

Jyske Ås

15,000 years ago, melting ice, rocks, gravel, clay and sand formed what today is know as the Jyske Ås (The Jutlandic Kame). A place created by the ice...

Walking and hiking in North Jutland

The nature of North Jutland is amazing and perfect for hiking or short walk! The beautiful coastlines, hills and forests offer unique viewpoints and n...

Animal encounters in the nature

Nationalpark Thy

Photo: VNJ

Lille Vildmose

Photo: twodanesontour.com

Northern Jutland nature areas

Jammerbugten in North Jutland

The North Sea's wide sandy beaches, beautiful natural surroundings, and magical experiences await you in Jammerbugten.


National Park Thy is renowned for its wealth of fantastic nature and the area offers the opportunity to experience the wide open spaces and feel the s...

The island of Mors - the gem of the Limfjord

Mors is an island in the middle of the Limfjord where wonderful holiday experiences are waiting for you. Mors is known for its amazing nature, which a...

Mariager Fjord

The Mariager Fjord is the longest and most beautiful fjord in Denmark. It cuts its way into the heart of Jutland. Here you will find fantastic nature ...


Læsø offers tranquillity, outstanding nature, great food and spectacular experiences. Find your adventure here.


An entry into nature, history, and active experiences, in Rebild, Rold Forest, and Rebild Hills.

Heavenly Himmerland

Himmerland, the southern area of North Jutland, South of Aalborg, and coveren the magical forest of Rold Skov and the amazing Rebild Hills. Here you w...

The Top of Denmark

At the Top of Denmark, there is room for playing and learning together – regardless of the object of your destination is the kilometer-long beaches, c...

Gems in North Jutland

In North Jutland, you will find lots of stuff you have to see. The wonders of nature are something special in this region, and the best thing to do is to go explore them yourself.

Grenen in Skagen

For visitors of North Jutland, a visit to  Skagen  and Grenen, the northernmost point of Jutland, is an absolute must. Experience the meeting of two seas in a spectacular location.

Råbjerg Mile

The Dune of Råbjerg Mile is the largest migrating dune in Denmark. The west-coast has for many centuries struggled with migrating dunes due to the harsh wind and sand-covered areas - and being close to Skagen, the weather at Råbjerg Mile is far from mild.

Lighthouses in North Jutland

Experience the culture and history up close. Along the coast of North Jutland, you will find some of the most iconic lighthouses in Denmark.

The Sand-Covered Church

The Sand-Covered Church, or 'Den Tilsandede Kirke' in Danish, is located just south-west of Skagen, and is a spectacular sight and a reminder of the forces of nature.

The White Beach Huts on the West Coast

Experience the beautiful white beach huts by Løkken and Blokhus. Next to the rolling dunes and crashing waves of the North Sea, you will find the White Town, like pearls on a string.

Lille Vildmose centre

The Lille Vildmose Center is located in the center of the natural area of Lille Vildmose , a true paradise for nature lovers. Explore the wild animals, from moose to deers and many different bird species.

Rold Forest

The forest, Rold Skov, is the perfect backdrop for a relaxing or active holiday, and on top of this, you can explore one of the many amazing gastronom...

Vejlerne - Han Vejlerne i Han Herred

Vejlerne - Vejlerne in Hanherred a Place of Thoughts When the silhouette of the eagle appears above the Bygholm meadow, thousands of migrating bir...

Kettrup Bjerge

Kettrup Bjerge is a popular ramble area, in which Ørnbjerg, as the peak, rises with its 43 metres and offers an overview. From Ørnbjerg, in clear weat...