The Troll Ask from Ashøj

Can you find the troll Ask? The troll can not be found just like that, because Ash is hiding in a secret place on the mound with a stone in one hand and a stick in the other. If you want to find him, you need to go on a treasure hunt and look for clues in the forest.

The project with the trolls is called "Journey to the great troll folk festival" and the trolls are world-famous. You may encounter trolls in Chicago, Colorado, and Puerto Rico. The trolls are produced from recycled wood materials. The artist behind it is Thomas Dambo, who lives in Copenhagen. Together with volunteers, he has turned waste and recyclable materials into fun artworks all over the world with a focus on inspiring people to consider what waste can be recycled.

The troll Ask is one of ten trolls that have been established in various places in Denmark. We will challenge you, can you find them all?

Ask fra AShøj
Ask fra AShøj
Ask fra AShøj

In West Thy and around Hanstholm some of Denmark’s cleanest lakes are found. These lakes can be both rich and poor in lime, and the aquatic plants and insect life in the lakes are unusual compared to the rest of the country. On the steep limestone slopes around the earlier islands of the Stone Age sea, for instance near Hanstholm, you will find a dry soil flora from herbs. Furthermore, in the brackish salty wetlands near Agger and Harboør Tange many different plant species exist. You will also find a lot of birds in this area too, if you are lucky you can also admire some rare bird species in the National park Thy.

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