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MTB cyklist ved Slettestrand plantage

National bicycle routes

Photo: Nordvestkysten

In North Jutland, you will find bicycle routes spread across the region like a web of trails. They will take you along the coast, through forests, across moors, and past the most beautiful sights and attractions in North Jutland. Read more about the routes.

The National northern Jutland cycling routes

The national cycle routes are connected by a large network of regional and beautiful local cycle routes in North Jutland. There are signs along the bike routes and the signs are listed at all turns on the various routes. The road signs are with a blue background and white writing, which indicates in which direction the route continues. Often the distance to the nearest towns and villages will be indicated on the sign.

East coast route, Hals - Hadsund

Cykelrute - Østkystruten Hals - Hadsund

The route starts in Hals and ends in Hadsund. Firstly you will take a short ferry ride to Egense where the route then follows the coast of the Kattegat sea and guides you through the towns Klatrup and Dokkedal. Afterwards you cycel through Lille Vildmose and the cities Smidie, Bælum, Solbjerg and Skelund.

Bicycle route - Agger Tange - Hanstholm

Cykelrute - Agger Tange - Hanstholm

Bicycle route - Hanstholm-København, Hanstholm-Sallingsund bridge

Cykelrute - Hanstholm-København, Hanstholm-Sallingsundbroen

The route starts in Hanstholm and ends by the Sallingsund bridge. It takes you through Nors, Vester Vandet, Sjørring, Sperring, Sundby, Vilsun Vest, Bjergby, Tøving, Tødsø, Vodstrup and Nykøbing Mors.

Bicycle route - Hærvej route - Hobro - Aalborg

Cykelrute - Hærvejsruten - Hobro - Aalborg

The route starts in Hobro and ends in Aalborg and it takes you amongst others through the towns Vebbertrup, Arden, Rebild, Gammel Skørping, Volsted, Mjels, Ferslev, Poulstrup and Visse. You will cycle trough beautiful nature areas with lakes, forest and heathen.

What are National Cycling Routes?

Denmark's national cycle routes is a network of 11 cycle routes of a total of 4,233 km coordinated by the Danish Road Directorate. The cycle routes are primarily established for cycle tourists, and the routes run as a main principle north-south or east-west through different parts of the country. The routes are over 200 km long and should be navigable in all kinds of weather and they are without blind ends, loops, and branches. The cycle routes may vary in pavement form, however, all should be passable by bicycle, certain stretches may be paved with loose gravel.

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