Par på cykel

National bicycle routes

East coast route, Hals - Hadsund

Cykelrute - Østkystruten Hals - Hadsund

The route starts in Hals and ends in Hadsund. Firstly you will take a short ferry ride to Egense where the route then follows the coast of the Kattegat sea and guides you through the towns Klatrup and Dokkedal. Afterwards you cycel through Lille Vildmose and the cities Smidie, Bælum, Solbjerg and Skelund.

Bicycle route - Agger Tange - Hanstholm

Cykelrute - Agger Tange - Hanstholm

The route starts at Thyborøn and follows national park Thy, through Klitmøller and ends in Hanstholm.

Bicycle route - Hanstholm-København, Hanstholm-Sallingsund bridge

Cykelrute - Hanstholm-København, Hanstholm-Sallingsundbroen

The route starts in Hanstholm and ends by the Sallingsund bridge. It takes you through Nors, Vester Vandet, Sjørring, Sperring, Sundby, Vilsun Vest, Bjergby, Tøving, Tødsø, Vodstrup and Nykøbing mors.

Bicycle route - Hærvej route - Hobro - Aalborg

Cykelrute - Hærvejsruten - Hobro - Aalborg

The route starts in Hobro and ends in Aalborg and it takes you amongst others through the towns Vebbertrup, Arden, Rebild, Gammel Skørping, Volsted, Mjels, Ferslev, Poulstrup and Visse. You will cycle trough beautiful nature areas with lakes, forest and heathen.

Bicycle routes

Find more exciting bicycle routes in North Jutland.

Bicycle routes in Brønderslev
Klokkerholm Fisketrappe i Jyske Ås Brønderslev
Bicycle routes in Jammerbugten
Bicycle routes on the island of Læsø
Læsø Tanghus
Bicycle routes on the island of Mors
Vandet ved Mors
Bicycle routes in Thy
Lodbjerg Fyr i Nationalpark Thy ved solnedgang
Bicycle routes in Hjørring
Lønstrup by med udsigt til havet
Bicycle routes in Vesthimmerland
De himmerlandske heder
Bicycle routes in Aalborg
Regional bicycle routes
Cykelpar på bænk
National bicycle routes
Par på cykel