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Mussels & Oysters

Mussels and oysters from the Limfjord are fantastic local products.

Do you love oysters and mussels? The Limfjord Oyster and mussels from the Limfjord have increasingly become a popular and reputable product and today constitute the largest fishing industry in the Limfjord. The Limfjord's very special salt conditions and currents provide the optimal growth conditions for oysters and mussels.

The Limfjord Oysters

Today there are two kinds of oysters in the Limfjord. The flat Limfjord oyster and the Pacific oyster. The Pacific oyster is an invasive oyster species that made its entrance into Danish waters in the 1990s. It originates from the Pacific Ocean around Japan and Southeast Asia.
The Limfjord is the only place in Denmark where this local European oyster still can be fished and at the same time fished sustainably. The Limfjord Oysters are found in only a few places in Europe and are highly regarded among the best in the world. The cooler temperatures as well as the salt and mineral balance in the Limfjord give a slower growth and thus also the particularly good consistency and characteristic taste.

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Mussels from the Limfjord

The mussels from the Limfjord are a native Danish seafood species that are found in naturally large numbers. You can find mussels in clusters at the bottom of the fjord and the seas. The mussels can gather in large banks with up to 12,000 mussels on a single square meter.
The Limfjord fishery of mussels today is both sustainable and organic and some fishermen even grow the mussels on lines, the so-called 'line mussels'. The good mussels from the Limfjord require oxygen-rich and clean water, and therefore the Limfjord's mineral and salt content also have a large positive impact on the blue mussels' growth conditions. The growing conditions help to give a very tasty and delicious mussels.

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Mussels and oysters are both super delicious and easy to cook for even the inexperienced in the kitchen

Harvest Mussels & Oysters

Before you venture out into the Danish delightfully cold water, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the risk of algae toxins and pollution in the local area. You can around in the local area about harvesting mussels and oysters. The mussels are picked when it is low tide - then they are easier to harvest with a bucket and wellingtons. Remember to find a clean water area!

If you do not have the drive to start harvesting oysters and mussels yourself, you can consider a seaside safari and get knowledge and good advice on handling Limfjord Oysters and blue mussels.


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