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Mushroom hunting in North Jutland

Photo: Mette Johnsen

Go mushroom hunting in the northern Jutland forests. Lots of delicious surprises and experiences are hidden here in the beautiful autumn forests.

Mushroom hunting is a fun activity for the entire family. You can experience the beautiful nature up close and get some exercise and fresh air. Edible mushrooms are very sought during the autumn, in Denmark. North Jutland is abundant in mushroom spots, and you will often find guided trips into the woods to search these forest delicacies. So, get your basket, a sharp knife and get started.

Mushroom season in North Jutland

The forest floor is full of delicacies in North Jutland. If you are experienced in mushroom hunting, North Jutland is a great place to search for mushrooms. If you are a newcomer or in doubt of the various mushrooms, we recommend a guided trip, where you experience an authentic mushroom hunt, and maybe you will stumble across more of the natures delicious tastes.

Efterårs svampe i kurv

The guide for mushroom foraging

Photo: Niclas Jessen
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