Mand på MTB tur ved Slettestrand

MTB in Uhrehøje Plantation in Farsø

In Uhrehøje Plantation near Farsø, you will find a 14km long MTB route. With the opportunity for lots of challenges and high speed. The trail takes you through varied terrain, gravel roads and forests and has 230 vertical metres.

If you follow the white route, the easy one, it takes you on an 11.5 km route with 170 vertical metres. The white route with orange detours makes the route longer and harder and takes you through gravel pits. Both routes are cycled opposite the clock and are market with black pales. Opposite the parking area you can find a children's course/technique course.

uhrehoeje MTB rute
Uhrehøje Plantage MTB route

The route starts at the parking area by Farsøvej 95.