Cykelløb i Uhrenhøje Plantage i Farsø

MTB in Uhrehøje Plantation in Farsø

Photo: VisitNordjylland

In Uhrehøje Plantation near Farsø, you will find a 14km long MTB route. With the opportunity for lots of challenges and high speed. The trail takes you through varied terrain, gravel roads and forests and has 230 vertical metres.

If you follow the white route, the easy one, it takes you on an 11.5 km route with 170 vertical metres. The white route with orange detours makes the route longer and harder and takes you through gravel pits. Both routes are cycled opposite the clock and are market with black pales. Opposite the parking area you can find a children's course/technique course.

Uhrehøje Plantage MTB route
The route starts at the parking area by Farsøvej 95.

Other facilities

In Vesthimmerland is much more to experience than just mountain biking. Experience amongst others the mussel town Løgstør or pay a visit to the neighboring city Rebild.

Vesthimmerland in North Jutland

Vesthimmerland is especially known for the mussel town Løgstør - a cozy harbour village at the Limfjord - but there is so much more to explore.


Løgstør - the Town of Mussels - here you'll find a beautiful nature and a wonderful harbor atmosphere where there is a lot of gastronomy, art and music.


An entry into nature, history, and active experiences, in Rebild, Rold Forest, and Rebild Hills.

For the family

If you are looking for activities for kids and adults alike, then you may want to visit Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort. Kids can play in the waterpark, while mom and dad relax in the spa, and end the day with a fun night of bowling. Or go to Landal Rønbjerg Holiday Park with activities for the entire family. Visit some of the many historical sites in the area as well, such as the Stone Age Center Ertebølle.

Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort

Enjoy a stay filled with unique experiences Bright and stylish rooms Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort features 60 stylish hotel rooms, all of which enjoy spectacular views, either over the golf courses or Sjørup Lake. The large, spacious rooms are comfortably decorated in a simple,...

Landal Rønbjerg

If you are staying at Landal you have free access to the tropic water park with a wave pool, kiddie pool and resistance pool. You can also enjoy water slides and a warm water pool. In the swimming pool you find Funballs, a 6 lane 25 meters pool as well as one and three meter jumping bo...

Stoneage Center Ertebølle

The Stoneage Center Ertebølle contains a museum with an exciting exhibition - and some days you are able to participate in workshops. Exhibition showing life in the stone-age period, many special exhibits including the Strandby exhibition, which is a substantial collection of items from t...

For the adults

If a combination of golf, wellness, fitness and beautiful nature compels you, then don't miss a stay at the Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort. During the day you can visit the museums around the area, see Frederik VII's channel and the old manor house of Hessel which is telling about the life in the old days.


The Limfjord Museum

Between the Limfjord and Frederik the VII’s Canal is the Limfjord Museum, where you from April to October can get a wealth of experiences with the fjord in focus. In the old Canal Master’s residence and in the Maritime Adventure Centre, you can find exciting exhibitions about the life ...

Frederik VII´s Canal

King Frederik VII's Canal in Løgstør - stretches 4.4 kilometers between Løgstør and Lendrup. The Canal opened in 1861 and made it possible for the ships to pass by the shallow areas of the Limfjord around Løgstør. The Canal was in use until 1913 when a channel was dug out in the fjord ma...

Herregården Hessel

On Hessel you sense the past. Hessel is the last thatched manor with four wings in Denmark. The first time we hear about the manor is in the year 1391, but the history of it goes further back. In 1702 large parts of Hessel were destroyed by fire, but it was rebuilt again. Hessel has alwa...