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MTB in Tvorup Dune Plantation in Thisted

Photo: VisitNordjylland

In Tvorup Dune Plantation near Thisted, you will find 2 MTB routes. The short one is 6km and the long one 10km. The short one is mostly easy whereas the long route is more of a challenge.

Photo: ViditNordjylland
Tvorup MTB route
On the map, you will see the two routes. They start at the campsite at Boligvej, approximately 300 metres north from the former plantation residence, Tvorupvej 53.

Other facilities

In the surrounding towns in Thy, you will find lots of opportunities. The neighbouring town of Klitmøller is especially known as a surfers paradise and offers many activities for both the active and the nature lover ones.


National Park Thy is renowned for its wealth of fantastic nature and the area offers the opportunity to experience the wide open spaces and feel the sand between your toes, as well as providing lots of adventures in the natural surroundings.


Klitmøller is also called "Cold Hawaii" and is a true paradise for surfers. Cold Hawaii is Northern Europe's best surf spot and one of the world's best places to windsurf and all year round surfers can experience the sea.

For the family

Take a surf class for the entire family in Cold Hawaii. WestWind Surf Shop and Cold Hawaii Surf Camp both offer courses. Or you can learn more about the history of the Vikings in Northern Jutland at the Viking Burial Site of Tømmerby.

WestWind Surf Shop Klitmøller

Everything in equipment for surf, and courses in surfing.

Cold Hawaii Surfcamp in Klitmøller

Here is an opportunity to learn how to surf.

Tømmerby Viking Burial Site

Viking Cemetery from approx. year 800.

For adults

There are many routes which guide you through the beautiful nature and wildlife of Nationalpark Thy.

National Park Thy

Photo: VNJ