Par der Mountainbiker i naturen

MTB in Sønder Herreds Plantation

South of Sønder Herreds Plantation you will find Sindbjerg MTB trail, a perfect spot for mountain biking.

Most people can challenge themselves on the main trail, which is 7 km. If you are more skilled in mountain biking you can add detours to your trip and have a trail of 10 km at your disposal.


Be advised that the trail is closed Wednesday and Saturday, as it is located next to a shooting range.

Sdr. herred MTB rute

The route starts at the shooting range's clubhouse.

For the family

A fun experience for the family would be a day or the entire holiday spent at Jesperhus Holiday Park, which boasts Scandinavias largest flower park, large playgrounds and more. Let the kids run free while you relax at this amazing resort on the island of Mors.

For adults

If you love romantic and cozy walks, Sønder Herreds Plantation is perfect for you. Near the MTB trail, you will find walking and hiking routes. The marked walking route in the plantation is called "Hjertestien" (The Heart Trail).