Par på cykel

MTB in Skagen Dune Plantation

Photo: Mette Johnsen

In Skagen, you can ride a 13,6km long MTB route, taking you 44m up and down. The route is marked by red and white marks on the trees and you have to cycel with the clock. The surface alternates between gravel road, sand and a stable surface.

If you did not bring your own bicycle then do not worry, you can rent one at Skagen Bike rental

MTB route in Skagen
The route starts at the parking area by Skagen OK and the clubhouse on GL. Landevej 47.

Nearby experiences


Experience the characteristic yellow houses, the museums with art from famous painters, a bustling city life with lots of luxury and the most spectacular nature you have ever seen, in Skagen. the northernmost point in Denmark, where the two seas collide.

The Sand-Covered Church

The Sand-Covered Church, or 'Den Tilsandede Kirke' in Danish, is located just south-west of Skagen, and is a spectacular sight and a reminder of the forces of nature.

In Skagen, you can entertain everyone - even if you are not interested in mountain biking.

For the family

Skagen is a really cozy and historic town. Go to the very top of Denmark and experience the meeting of two seas at Grenen. Explore the teddy bear museum where there are a lots of toys to look at. Moreover, you can pay a visit to Bindslev and experience the majestic eagles in the Eagleworld.

Grenen in Skagen

For visitors of North Jutland, a visit to  Skagen  and Grenen, the northernmost point of Jutland, is an absolute must. Experience the meeting of two seas in a spectacular location.

Skagens Bamsemuseum(Teddy Bear museum)

The Teddy Bear Museum in Skagen is the first and only one in all Scandinavia

Ørnereservatet - Eagleworld

Get close to the kings of heaven - the eagles as they unfold just above the head of the audience. Get close to the big animals and see how the falconers demonstrate the birds of prey.

For adults

Skagen has many natural experiences waiting for you Grenen, Råbjerg Mile, Skagen's Museum, Skagen Grå Fyr and The Sand-buried church. Eat a romantic dinner at one of the many restaurants and walk by the water. 

Råbjerg Mile

The Dune of Råbjerg Mile is the largest migrating dune in Denmark. The west-coast has for many centuries struggled with migrating dunes due to the harsh wind and sand-covered areas - and being close to Skagen, the weather at Råbjerg Mile is far from mild.

Skagen's Museum

Skagen’s Museum is an internationally reputable museum dedicated to the painters of Skagen, the artist colony with painters such as Krøyer, Anna & Michael Ancher, Tuxen and others, who settled in Skagen  in the 19th century.

Det Grå Fyr (Lighthouse)

The grey lighthouse, Det Grå Fyr, was built in 1858. The lighthouse, which is 46 m high, is Denmark’s second tallest, the honour for the tallest being taken by Dueodde Fyr on Bornholm, which is one metre taller. The lighthouse was designed by Danish architect N.S. Nebelong. The li...

Sleep well

Combine your stay in Skagen with a stay at one of the amazing hotels in Skagen, we can recommend, Hjorts Hotel, Ruths Hotel and Brøndums Hotel. Here you will also find top quality meals.


Hjorths Badehotel

Over 100 years old cozy and traditional bathing hotel located between Råbjerg Mile and the North Sea.

Ruths Hotel

Among the dunes, the sea and the forrest you find the five-star hotel – Ruths Hotel – right between the famous yellow fishermen houses.

Brøndums Hotel

Denmark´s northernmost hotel with the unique history and lying next to Skagens Museum.