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MTB in Sæbygaard Forest in Sæby

Photo: Hans Ravn

The route in Sæby is from 2015 and contains challenges for beginners and trained MTB-riders. The main track, marked by white arrows, can be used by most, but the route marked by red arrows is more challenging and for skilled riders.

The 5,1 km long route takes you through woodlands, through tunnels and across wooden bridges. It is run opposite the clock.

Sæby MTB rute

The route starts at the parking spot near Skovlyst.

For the family

Sæby is the epitome of a Danish market town and the idyllic atmosphere surrounding it. The town has direct access to child-friendly beaches and local shops. Explore the old market town on the east coast, the small streets, the old but well-kept houses, the cobblestone streets and more.

For adults

Sæby is a popular holiday destination with a wealth of activities. Here you can stroll through the cozy streets and visit the local craftsmen. You can also visit the harbour and the boardwalk with the delicious fish restaurants, or visit the museum, go golfing or enjoy the green forest in the area.

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