Mor og datter på MTB tur

MTB in Rold Forest in Rebild

In Rold Skov near Skørping, you will find a fantastic mountain bike route of 32 km. with an altitude of about 600 meters. The route is marked with blue dots on the trees, mountain bike pictograms on red poles, and the route must be run clockwise. What are you waiting for?

One of Denmark's most extensive MTB areas can be found in Rold Skov, among other places. with a large and varied terrain. In Rold Skov you bike through the beautiful forest, which alternates between the gravel road and small forest paths that meander through the landscape. The Great Rold Forest Track is the primary track in the area and if you stick to the easier blue route, your trip will be about 17 km. It can be extended with red and black detour tracks which make the trip approx. 32 km. In several places, you can shorten the route and drive home on gravel roads or ordinary roads. In addition to the large route, there is a marked 24-hour track that is used for competitions but it can be used all year round.

The red tracks are more difficult with roots, mud, easy climbs, and descents. Here, as a beginner, you can try to sniff out swing technique and experience great challenges. The black tracks are full of challenges and they contain more intense climbs and technical descents with sharp turns, roots and smaller drops. Here you can challenge yourself, your driving skills and the intense fight with the steep hills.

If you do not have your own bike or just prefer to have a guide with you on your trip, then contact Rebild MTB guides they are surely able to help or guide you.
In a limited area of Rold Forest, it is allowed to ride all over in the forest which allows bike orienteering on MTBs where you cycle with a map or GPS. On the map, you can see all the mountain bike routes in the Rold forest.

Routes in Rold

Bring your kids, friends, or whomever you may think of - you are sure to find something for everyone in Rold Skov and Rebild.

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