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MTB in Rold Forest in Rebild

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In Rold Forest, by Skørping you will find an MTB route on 32 km that takes you on a journey of 600 vertical meters. The route is well-marked and you follow it clockwise.

The forest provides an excellent backdrop for mountain biking – find some downhill action on a mountain bike.

Rold Skov

Rold Skov forest is Denmark´s second-largest forest and covers an area of 80 km2 or 8.000 hectares.  The forest consists of various minor forests, each with their own name, for example,  Hesselholt, Nørreskov, Nørlund Skov, and Rold Vesterskov.

St. Økssø

The large lake Store Økssø is located in Rold Skov and beautifully surrounded by the forest. With its 33 ha, it is the second-largest lake in Rold Skov.  The lake is just by the popular Mosskov Pavillon, which is a popular excursion spot for families. Walk around the lake, and enjoy the...


The spring is located northwest of Rebild Bakker. Ravnkilde is a seepage spring where a large slope in the hillside forms the outer frame of this beautiful, distinctive spring. The bottom is covered by a swampy area, where the water emerges and then gradually converges in tiny streams. ...

Do you not have a bike or do you just prefer to have a guide on your trip, then contact Rebild MTB guides they are surely able to help you.

In a limited area of Rold Forest, it is allowed to ride all over in the forest which allows bike orienteering on MTBs where you cycle with a map or GPS. On the map you can see all the mountain bike routes in Rold forest.


Bring your kids, significant other, friends or whomever you may think of - you are sure to find something for all in Rebild.

For the family

Bring the kids on one of the children's MTB routes, or play at the nature playground, Røverknolden. Go treasure hunting (Geocaching) in the amazing nature or rent a canoe by the Lindeborg Strem.

Røverknolden playground

ADVENTURE, MUSIC AND SENSES IN ACTION AT RØVERKNOLDEN. It is a huge playground with many great experiences. The playground is located 200 meters from the parking place in Rebild. At first sight, the playground does not appear large, but you can also find a slide, bonfire, a netting, a s...

Geocaching in North Jutland

Geocaching is the perfect past time for the entire family. Enjoy the fresh air and explore nature while looking for a hidden treasure. Geocaching can be everything from a relaxing picnic in the woods to an active adventure to see who finds the cache first.

For adults

In Rebild and Rold Forest you can explore nature and have an active holiday. All kinds of outdoor activities are awaiting you in the area, try for instance to catch a fish in Lille Blåkilde or enjoy lunch in Tophuset. In the evening you can enjoy a delicious dinner at Rold StorKro and stay the night at Hotel Comwell Rebild, where you can combine active holidays with wellness treatments.


Rold Skov

Rold Skov forest is Denmark´s second largest forest and covers an area of 80 km2 or 8.000 hectares. The forest consists of various minor forests, each...

Top Karens House

Top Karens Hus (the house of a woman named “Top Karen”) was the very first small restaurant of the area. It was owned by Karen and Jens Andersen until...

Lille Blåkilde

The spring is situated northwest of Nørreskov, and can only be reach by foot. A good place to start your trip is from the parking area situated halfwa...

Rold StorKro

Rold StorKro is situated in the middle of Denmark’s most beautiful scenery with Rebild Bakker National Park next door, and with direct access to Rold ...

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Photo: RebildPorten