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MTB in Katsig Bakker in Sindal

Photo: Mette Johnsen

In Katsig Bakker you will find a challenging route with steep down and uphill slopes which is why it is best for trained MTB riders. The trail was built in 2011 and is 3,4 km and will take you through 144 vertical metres.

Katsig bakker mtb ruter

MTb route in Katsig Bakker

The route starts 100 metre from the parkings area by Skt. Jørgens Klid.

Other Facilities

In Katsig Bakker you can enjoy the natural surroundings, go for a run or bring your picnic basket. There are lots to do in the surrounding towns.

For the family

If you are already in the area, you should not miss Eagleworld in Bindslev, where the majestic birds await you. More in the north you will have the opportunity to go canoeing in Uggerby stream or enjoy the beach and have an ice-cream in the Blue Ice-cream Kiosk in Tversted afterwards. The city Hjørring is also close and you can play minigolf in the Funcenter and walk around town. In the east there is Frederikshavn with a palm beach and the Bangsbo Fort bunker museum, so that there is definitely something to explore for everyone.

For adults

Sindal is known for its arts and culture but you can also go golfing. If you want something more exciting then pay a visit to the neighboring cities Hjørring and Frederikshavn where there are both good shopping possibilities and restaurants. In Frederikshavn there is also Arena Nord and Det Musiske Hus whereas you can find the Vendsyssel Historical Museum in Hjørring. Driving to the north will lead you to the cozy town Tversted where you can explore many antique shops, galleries and craftsmen.

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