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MTB in Hvorup Hedelund Plantage near Aalborg Barracks

Photo: VisitNordjylland

In Nørresundby and near Aalborg you will find a MTB-trail which is flat in general but it does give a technical challenge. The route is marked with blue posts an is about 10km long. 

As it is a military area you will find signs that indicate when you can and cannot ride the trail. You can also see the schedule on Hvorup MTBs facebook page.

MTB route in Hvorup Hedeland Plantation

MTB rute i Hvorup Hedeland plantage

The route starts at the parking area by the road.

For the adults

Go on a walk through the beautiful streets of Aalborg, enjoy a coffee at the waterfront or get a cultural shot at one of the many museums and cultural houses like Utzon Center, Nordkraft, Aalborg Congress & Culture Center, Skråen and the House of the Music. If you are more into art then pay a visit at KUNSTEN, Northern Jutland biggest art museum. At the end the day you can take a look at one of the best restaurants in North Jutland.

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