MTB i Hammer Bakker i Vodskov

MTB in Hammer Bakker in Vodskov

Photo: VisitNordjylland

In Hammer Bakker (hills) you will find an amazing MTB route, that takes you through forests, fields, moors and pastures. The route is 13km long and consists of two bows, the western in hard but short and the eastern is longer but easy, the two bows meet around 1km from start.

Other facilities

In Aalborg, you will find lots of event and activities for all. Depending on when you visit the area you will find Carnival, Regatta, tall Ships Races, flea markets, Christmas markets and much more.


Welcome to the cultural little big city of Aalborg - a multifaceted hub for beautiful architecture, gastronomic surprises and attractive shopping opportunities.

Aalborg Carnival

Every year Northern Europe's largest carnival takes place in the streets of Aalborg. Follow the rhythm in the streets when 100,000 people walk through the city to the sound of music.

For the family

Aalborg Zoo is perfect for a day spent with the family. Watch the polar bears have fun in their pool, say hello to the lion as he walks out of his cave, and explore the life on the savannah. Go past Leo's Legeland the large indoor playground, where kids can roam free and have fun. For the older kids and child-like souls, you can go past Funcenter Aalborg, which offers paintball, laser games and much more.

Aalborg Zoo

Explore animal species from all over the world at Aalborg Zoo. Be fascinated by the chimpanzees, see the African elephants play outside or discover your personal favourite animal.

Leo's Legeland - Play centre

Leo’s Legeland is fun for the whole family. A huge play center with room for lots of fun for children of all ages and their parents. Have fun in the many amusements until you are all out of energy.

FunCenter Aalborg

Whether you are planning a birthday party, a family trip, a bachelor/bachelorette party, a school party, a team-building exercise or a Christmas party for your firm, or even if you are just a bunch of friends looking for some fun, Funcenter is the place to be!

For the adults

Go on a walk through the beautiful streets of Aalborg, enjoy a coffee at the waterfront or get a cultural shot at one of the many museums and cultural houses like Utzon Center, Nordkraft, Aalborg Congress & Culture Center, Skråen and the House of the Music. If you are more into art then pay a visit at KUNSTEN, Northern Jutland biggest art museum. At the end the day you can take a look at one of the best restaurants in North Jutland.