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MTB cyklist i sommervejr

MTB in Dronninglund Nature Park

Photo: Nordvestkysten

In Dronninglund Nature Park you will find a well-established MTB trail, it is one way and only 2,2km long and therefore suitable for all.

MTB-banen i Dronninglund

The route stretches through the beautiful nature. It is child-friendly, so perfect for a day outside with the entire family.

The route is marked with green markers and in the beginning, it is running alongside the hiking trail "Eventyrruten".

For the family

Right between the city of Dronninglund and Dronninglund Castle you find Dronninglund Nature Park, or "the Green Oasis", that is, a lovely natural resort that offers many different experiences in one place. Try one of the many hiking routes, all are marked by signs. Bring your four-legged friend to the fenced-in dog park, or let the children loose on the jungle trail. Furthermore, it is possible to play minigolf and tennis.

For the adults

Spend a romantic weekend at Dronninglund Castle. The fantastic scenery and the beautiful nature is the perfect setting for a romantic mini holiday.

You can also visit Brønderslev where you can experience a lot of culture and nature, take for instance a look at Store Vildmose which is a great experience and located near Brønderslev.

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