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Medieval Days at Voergaard Castle

Photo: VNJ

Go on a journey back in time to the Middle-Age. Each year Voergaard Castle celebrates the era with a huge event, Medieval Days.


Experiences for the senses at Voergaard

With the sword in hand, you are ready to set out for an adventure at the Days of the Middle Ages at Voergaard Castle.

Every year in week 29 in July, the castle rises once again, and figures from the Middle Ages will walk around the lands of the castle. During these fun and adventurous days, you will experience music and entertainment, arts and crafts, living history and storytelling, food and beverages from the Middle Ages, play and games and gunpowder, beautiful maidens and strong lads. And many, many more impressions and experiences awaits you.

Eat well in the Middle-Age

At Medieval Days at Voergaard Castle, you can taste the many delicious foods of the era. There is a great variety of food, drinks and sweet pancakes which are a must. Or bring your picnic basket, as you will find tables and benches all over the park and enjoy the food near the widest moat in Denmark.

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