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Markets in North Jutland

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Fleamarkets, animal markets and so on are a tradition in North Jutland and during the year you will find many local markets. Haggle your way to the best price. On this page, you will get an overview of the many markets in North Jutland.

Brønderslev Market

The Brønderslev Market is held in the first weekend that comes just before the first monday in September. This great market attracts thousands of tourists every year. So, come and experience the cosiest market of Denmark! The Great Brønderslev Market is a huge horse and flea market, wh...

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North Jutland is abundant in cozy markets, food festivals, large sports events and much more.

Wool Festival Saltum

The Largest Wool Festival in Scandinavia - Wool Festival at Saltum. Every year, the 2nd weekend in May, the Wool Festival is held. Wool Festival has ...

Shellfish Festival - Mors

Taste the Limfjord all day long... For a small, symbolic fee you can try the treats of the Limfjord all day. Special attention is paid to the healthy ...

What happens in North Jutland

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Large sportsevents

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Local taste experiences

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Food festivals

The treasury of Northern Jutland contains many quality food products from the sea, inlet, field and sky.  Here you will find lots of local taste you have to explore, local foods, produce, ingredients and more, at one of the many food festivals.

Vikings in North Jutland

North Jutland is abundant in ancient monuments and stories from the Viking and Iron Age. Find some of these traces at the circular ramparts Aggersborg and Fyrkat or the burial site of Lindholm Høje.