Made in Denmark - Vesthimmerland

Made in Denmark - Worldclass golf

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Made in Denmark is part of the European Tour, where some of the best golfers in the world play to win the huge cash price. Around 90,000 visitors will come by Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort during the event.

Experience the best pro golfers in the world and experience the atmosphere of the beautiful surroundings in North Jutland.

Made in Denmark

Here is our guide to the Made in Denmark golf tournament and everything else you need to know: golf in Northern Jutland, the best golf courses, places to eat, places to sleep and places to visit when the golf club needs a break.

Golf in North Jutland

No golfer, pro or newbie, will be disappointed by the golf courses of North Jutland. Here you will find beautiful seaside courses by the coasts, hilly courses in-land and park-like courses in urban areas. In short, there are lots of golfing opportunities in the fresh air of North Jutland.

The nature of North Jutland

Explore the amazing nature in North Jutland, and let the historical landscape take you on a trip through the ages. From the landscape formed by the ice age, to the sand dunes still shaped by wind and water.

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Photo: VisitNordjylland

Made in Denmark - Worldclass golf

Our guide to the golf tournament.


Worldclass golf in North Jutland

On the east coast of the Limfjord, by Løgstør, you will find worldclass golfing. In the small town of Gatten, the best golf hotel in Denmark is located at Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort. The PGA European tour visits this golf course each year. On Løgstør golf course you have a view of th...

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On Made in Denmark's website you will find the latest news and updates on the event.

Vesthimmerland in North Jutland

Vesthimmerland is especially known for the mussel town Løgstør - a cozy harbour village at the Limfjord - but there is so much more to explore.

Gastronomy in North Jutland

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Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort

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