Limfjorden med båd

The Limfjord in North Jutland

Photo: VisitNordjylland

Visit the northernmost fjord in Denmark which stretches from Thisted in Thy, on the west coast to the small town of Hals in the east. In the middle of the fjord you will find the islands of Mors, Egholm, Fur and Livø.

Explore the cozy towns along the Limfjord

In the heart of North Jutland and right by the Limfjord you will find the capital of the region, Aalborg. In this bustling city, you can explore the fantastic waterfront that prides itself with architectonic gems, such as the Utzon Center and the House of Music which harmonise perfectly with the medieval buildings found around Aalborg city centre. The waterfront has over the past years changed from an industrial district to a relaxing oasis with world-class architecture, classical buildings and a cornucopia of cultural and gastronomical experiences for all.

Further along the Limfjord, to the west, you will find the small waterside town of Løgstør, a town full of maritime spirit and local specialities, such as Limfjord Oyster, mussels and shellfish. All along the Limfjord, you will find these gems of cozy towns.

Activities and Experiences

Attractions near the fjord

Photo: Visitnordjylland

The beaches and the harbours along the fjord are always worth a visit. Additionally, you will find plenty of attractions, for the historically interested, Dueholm Monastery in Nykøbing Mors, on the island of Mors and Vitskøl Monastery in Vesthimmerland. Go explore the beauty of the Flower Park at Jesperhus on Mors, the savannah in Aalborg Zoo or the Limfjord museum in Løgstør.


Dueholm Kloster

Experience the atmosphere in the old convent, which tells a story about monks and nuns, brave knights and fair maidens. See the many old and well-pres...

Vitskøl Monestery

Vitskøl Monestery is one of the oldest monasteries in Northern Europe. The building is something of a historical gem and has, over the past ten years,...

Jesperhus Holiday Park on Mors

Bring the kids to Jesperhus Feriepark holiday-resort on the island of  Mors . Here, the flower park, the Danish animation-film character, Jungledyret ...

The Limfjord Museum

Between the Limfjord and Frederik the VII’s Canal is the Limfjord Museum, where you from April to October can get a wealth of experiences with the fjo...

Outdoor activities

If you enjoy a day on the water, the Limfjord is perfect, with its calm and safe waters you can bring anything from a kayak to your yacht. Furthermore, in several places around the Fjord, you will find ferries that take you across, water taxies or guided tours on the water. Windsurfing is also very popular on the fjord, and you can find rentals in many towns. Other water activities by the fjord include angling, oyster safari and hiking. Or you try one of the bicycling routes and use the opportunity to cycle around Mors

Food festivals - taste the local mussels, shellfish and oysters

Besides sailing, the towns by the Limfjord also offer many food festivals. During April in Løgstør, you can explore the Mussel Harvest Festival and in July they host Løgstør Mussel Festival. On the island of Mors, they have a Shellfish Festival in June and an Oyster and Mussel Premiere in October.


The Wooden Ship Meet - Around the Limfjord

Every year in week 37, 60 old wooden ships meet and compete in races, during Scandinavias largest Wooden Ship race - called Limfjorden Rundt. The many wooden ships are part of a tradition started 30 years ago. The ships start at a different town each year and sail through the fjord with onlookers all along the coast, i.a. Thisted and Nykøbing Mors



Experience the local tastes - Oysters, mussels and shellfish are abundant in the fjord and are included in almost every menu. Along the coast, in many towns, you will find gastronomic experiences while watching the view of the fjord.


The many towns around the fjord offers lots of different accommodation opportunities in beautiful surroundings. At the fjord, you will find for instance lots of camping sites, shelter areas and inns.

See accommodation possibilities