Lille vildmose centeret

Lille Vildmose centre

The Lille Vildmose Center is located in the center of the natural area of Lille Vildmose, a true paradise for nature lovers. Explore the wild animals, from moose to deers and many different bird species. 

30 km south-east of Aalborg you will find the largest nature preserve in Denmark. Despite its name, Lille Vildmose (Small Wild Bog) is actually Northern Europes largest raised bog, with unique nature experiences.

In 2015 the area made the Danish history books, as five Swedish moose calves were released into nature. The moose are thriving in their new and huge home. In 2017 five more moose were added to the litter and in 2017 the moose welcomed a couple of new calves. Besides the moose, they also released 40 red deer. In the nature preserve Lille Vildmose you can also experience golden eagles, sea eagles, wild boors, cranes and many more animals.


Elg i Lille Vildmose med solnedgangen i baggrunden
Lille Vildmose

At the beginning of the 1990s, the idea was born to have a dissemination center about Lille Vildmose, which is directly translated into "little wild bog". A center, which would combine education about the beautiful nature with experiences in nature itself. Today, many years later, the idea has become a reality. The Lille Vildmose Center and the surrounding sights are designed so you can see how the area, northwest Europe’s biggest raised bog, has changed character over several thousand years. Posters and exhibits illustrate the development, and film, cameras, and an eagle simulator give you close up impressions of the diversity of the area. 

Take a trip with the railway which is the old peat railway in the bog. Here you can experience the atmosphere from earlier peat digging and learn about the nature projects nowadays. From Lille Vildmosecenter you can either walk or drive with the peat railway and get close to lake Birkesø where they established a gazebo in 2016. From here you can enjoy the view of the lake and observe the many bird species.


Lille Vildmose Visitor Center offers interactive exhibitions for kids and adults about the marsh’s nature and culture. Watch a movie in the cinema, fly in the eagle simulator, or play in the playground.

Tog med børn i Lille Vildmose Centret
Lille Vildmose

It is also possible to produce and see live pictures from cameras mounted in the unique forests, Tofte and Høstemark as well as Toftesø. You can also see the plants and small animals from the bog in the exploratorium. Finally, there are a number of events taking place at the center, for example, guided bus tours.

The centers exhibits are supplemented by a wide range of places to visit in the local countryside: bird towers in Høstemark Forest, an observation tower at the mating area just north of Øster Hurup, observation towers at Tofte and Lille Sø, Portland Bog, sphagnum extraction along Ny Høstemarksvej, the fishing exhibit at Stejlgabet, the Mulbjerg hills, “The Old Workshop” at Remisen, different types of animals - if you're lucky you can even see a moose! 


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Longitude: 10.225176

Latitude: 56.886904

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