Lille vildmose

Lille Vildmose

Are you a nature lover or history buff, then take a trip to Lille Vildmose which is the largest preserved area in Denmark, at 76 km2. Here amongst the largest lowland raised bog in Europe you will find free roaming moose, eagles and red deer.


In Lille Vildmose you will find beautiful, untouched nature and a home for some of the most majestic animals in Denmark. November 19th 2015 was a historic day for Denmark, as a herd of Swedish moose calves moved into the raised bog, Lille Vildmose. The moose have 21 km2 to roam free on and later on were joined by 40 red deer and 5 more moose. In 2017 the herd has already naturally grown, with some new moose calves. Besides these majestic animals, you can experience golden eagles, sea eagles, wild boars and much more.


Some of the animals living in Lille Vildmose which really play their role to show how big the bog is, are the eagles. Since 1999 the golden eagles have been breeding in the Lille Vildmose forest and not so long time ago they got company from the even larger sea eagles. If you want to have an almost ensured chance of seeing an golden eagle, you have to go to the northern east part of Lille Vildmose. Or if you prefer observing a sea eagle there is an almost 100 % guarantee for it at lake Tofte Sø, the central lake of the bog. They are hunting cormorants colonies at Tofte Sø throughout the summer season, which have been consisting of approximately 4.000 couples for many years, and which makes it therefore a perfect home for the Danish eagles.

Elg i Lille Vildmose med solnedgangen i baggrunden
Lille Vildmose

But you cannot only observe moose and eagle in the bog - in the forests Mose and Tofte there is the biggest and oldest stock of wild boar.

Lille Vildmosecenter is located at Lille Vildmose where you can learn more about the nature and culture of the bog. If you want you can explore the home of the moose on your own or book a guided tour with a skilled guide. Explore the surroundings by foot, with a bike or in your car - that is up to you.