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Lighthouses in North Jutland

Experience the culture and history up close. Along the coast of North Jutland, you will find some of the most iconic lighthouses in Denmark. 

Before the Danish lighthouse department was established in 1560, by King Frederik II, the sea was a scary place when darkness fell - captains had to sail in the blind, without a GPS or a mark of port and other dangerous areas. The skills and knowledge of the sailors were put to the test of darkness on a sea only illuminated by the starry sky. The establishment of the lighthouse department in 1560 was a significant step towards safe waters.

The first task of the Lighthouse Department was to mark the sea route between Skagen and Falsterbro in Sweden, a task they solved with three lighthouses - but far from the same kind of lighthouses, we know today. At that time, a lighthouse was just bonfire on a high iron platform.

Lodbjerg Fyr med vildmarken i forgrunden
Nationalpark Thy

In 1627, Denmark's first bascule light in Skagen was built because of the many shipwrecks on the west coast and around Grenen and its dangerous reefs. When the bascule lighthouse was lit up and raised, the flame could be seen at 10 nautical mile distance at normal visibility, a clear improvement over traditional lighthouses, which could only be seen from 2.5-3 nautical miles. The bascule light quickly became a success and other cities followed quickly. Today there is a true copy of the bascule light in Skagen. In Skagen, you will also find one of the 11 protected navigation marks, located along the North Sea. You can also learn more about life at the coast at Skagen Coast Museum or explore the landscape that inspired Skagen painters.

The modern lighthouses we see today still help navigate sailers around the coastlines and reefs. The lighthouses of the past century are often huge and beautiful constructions which adorn the coastline and the landscape of North Jutland. Modern lighthouses are often steel masts with flickering lights, but on this page, you will find some of the most beautiful lighthouses in Denmark.

Lighthouses in North Jutland