Jesperhus Feriepark krammer
Jesperhus Feriepark

Jesperhus Holiday Park on Mors

Bring the kids to Jesperhus Feriepark holiday-resort on the island of Mors. Here, the flower park, the Danish animation-film character, Jungledyret Hugo (Hugo the Jungle Animal), a children’s zoo and countless other adventures await you.

You carefully step from one stone to the next, the green, marshy water touching your feet and the firm woodland floor waiting far, far away on the other side: Hey, did that stone just give way? And what’s that, lurking in the dark tunnel you just glimpsed out of the corner of your eye – a crocodile? You hurry on because you need to be in time for the next Hugo show.

Jesperhus Feriepark show
Jesperhus Feriepark

This is how part of an afternoon could be for kids taking their parents to Jesperhus Feriepark: the perfect combination of amusement with animation characters, known and loved by the kids; an impressive flower park to be enjoyed by the adults; plus a huge holiday-resort area where everyone can stay the night. Here, you can be sure that your children will never be bored as they will have plenty of opportunities for playing and learning and for enjoying themselves in a safe setting designed specifically for them.

Are your children fond of animals of the exciting and cute kind? Then Jesperhus Feriepark provides an entire zoo in which the most peculiar inhabitants of the jungle can be seen playing – not just with one another, but also with you.

Having been let out of the cage, all animals live in the open, so you can get quite close. Let your children touch the shell of a tortoise swimming by, admire the colourful parrots and, maybe, experience being slapped by a monkey’s tail. Jungle Zoo teaches your kids about nature interestingly and playfully – in particular when the animal keeper, needs assistants for training the parrots. The animal-loving entertainer has all the kids waving at the cackling birds and the genuine Amazonian Indian.

At Jesperhus Feriepark there is also room for an animal not truly belonging in the real jungle, namely Hugo the Jungle Animal who has his own indoor play area with hollowed-out logs, swings and a sandbox. He also has his own Facebook profile, where you can follow his adventures together with Rita the Fox. The two animal friends are also among the performers at the large Hugo Show where the children sing and participate in competitions while a dance band entertains the adults. The evening is rounded off by a free trip to the 4D cinema.

Jesperhus Feriepark Nykøbing Mors
Jesperhus Feriepark

For the parents’ entertainment, the Jesperhus flower park is as charming as ever. Experience the H.C. Andersen fairy tales in full bloom, see the small temples of the Oriental Garden and the park’s huge flower animals, breathe in the scent from the English roses and be inspired for your own garden. You could also go golfing – either with your children at the mini-golf course or at the Par 3 golf course.

Do the kids still tell you that they are bored? Then, what about a visit to the water world where you can relax in the spa, while the kids try the water slide or go submarining with the octopus? Or will the trampoline, the bouncy cushion or a pony ride – followed by a pleasant evening spent around the fire, baking bread twists – be more tempting options? Or maybe a trip to Piracy Country, where you set sail in the company of pirates, find gold and, later, let yourself be entertained by the fantastic Pirate show? Or how about playing football, badminton, tennis or table tennis together with the other kids? Or…?

At Jesperhus, there are numerous activities – and by far the most of them are free of charge once you have taken a luxury cottage, a holiday hut or a family tent or park your caravan. But, be warned: You do run the risk of getting bored on your way home.