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Islands and Fjords in North Jutland

Photo:Christian Faber &Mette Johnsen

Maritime spirit in North Jutland

Do you love the maritime atmosphere and all good the water can offer?

The Limfjord going straight through North Jutland offers many cosy fjord towns, each having their own delicious specialties and awesome attractions. Visit the Limfjord Museum in Løgstør or go on an oyster safari with the Danish Shellfish Center on the Island of Mors. In the heart of North Jutland, you will find the region's capital, Aalborg. The vibrant city offers architecture and history in beautiful harmony along the waterfront, and you will find cultural experiences year-round. Along the Mariager Fjord you find plenty of cosy yacht harbours and beautiful hikes along the hill Bramslev Bakker. You can also visit the abbey church and the Mariager Saltcenter in Mariager.

The islands of North Jutland offers spectacular experiences for all. Visit the island of Læsø near Frederikshavn, or ride a bike around the island of Mors, snuck right in the middel of the Limfjord, where you can experience beautiful molar formations and a stunning nature.


Island holiday in North Jutland

Experience Læsø, the sunshine island in the middle of the Kattegat Sea, known for its seaweed roofs and the Læsø Saltworks. Or bring your bicycle to the island of Mors, the gem of the Limfjord. No matter what, the islands in and around North Jutland has something for you.

Maritime atmosphere by the coast and around the fjords

Visit the charming towns along the fjords of North Jutland and explore the cosy maritime atmosphere. Spoil your tastebuds with local specialities which you will find all over.


Experiences by the fjord and on the islands

Along the coast of the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord, you will find historical sites from the Viking age, exciting attractions, and a maritime atmosphere.

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