Limfjorden med båd

Islands and Fjords in North Jutland

Læsø havn

Maritime spirit in North Jutland

Do you love the maritime atmosphere and all good the water can offer?

The Limfjord going straight through North Jutland offers many cosy fjord towns, each having their own delicious specialties and awesome attractions. Visit the Limfjord Museum in Løgstør or go on an oyster safari with the Danish Shellfish Center on the Island of Mors. In the heart of North Jutland, you will find the region's capital, Aalborg. The vibrant city offers architecture and history in beautiful harmony along the waterfront, and you will find cultural experiences year-round. Along the Mariager Fjord you find plenty of cosy yacht harbours and beautiful hikes along the hill Bramslev Bakker. You can also visit the abbey church and the Mariager Saltcenter in Mariager.

The islands of North Jutland offers spectacular experiences for all. Visit the island of Læsø near Frederikshavn, or ride a bike around the island of Mors, snuck right in the middel of the Limfjord, where you can experience beautiful molar formations and a stunning nature.


Experiences the fjords

Experience the two fjords Limfjord and Mariager Fjord in North Jutland, here you will find a maritime atmosphere and beautiful landscapes.

The Limfjord in North Jutland

Visit the northernmost fjord in Denmark which stretches from Thisted in Thy , on the west coast to the small town of Hals in the east . In the middle of the fjord you will find the islands of Mors , Egholm , Fur and Livø .

Mariager Fjord

The Mariager Fjord is the longest and most beautiful fjord in Denmark. It cuts its way into the heart of Jutland. Here you will find fantastic nature experiences, cozy towns, beautiful nature areas and reminders of the Viking age.

Island holiday in North Jutland

Experience Læsø, the sunshine island in the middle of the Kattegat Sea, known for its seaweed roofs and the Læsø Saltworks. Or bring your bicycle to the island of Mors, the gem of the Limfjord. No matter what, the islands in and around North Jutland has something for you.

Island holiday

Explore the islands of North Jutland, and escape everyday life far from noise and close to nature. Read about the islands of North Jutland here.


The archipelago Hirsholmene, which is Denmark's northernmost, is located approx. 7 km NE of Frederikshavn on a flake that emanates from blue clay and sand on rock reefs, brought together during the ice age.


Agerø is worldknown for its population of roosting, brent greese, but there's also other exciting nature experiences on Agerø. Spring and Summer: From March to the end of May thousands of plovers and brent geese all at the same time, and in this period the population of brent geese to...

The island of Mors - the gem of the Limfjord

Mors is an island in the middle of the Limfjord where wonderful holiday experiences are waiting for you. Mors is known for its amazing nature, which a...


Læsø offers tranquillity, outstanding nature, great food and spectacular experiences. Find your adventure here.

The island of Livø

Livø is a car-free island where you can experience beautiful beaches, meadows, juniper forests, oak forests, coastal cliffs, fields, moor, the long an...


Egholm is placed in the middle of the Limfjord between Aalborg and Nørresundby. In just a few minutes, you can sail from the western part of Aalborg o...

Maritime atmosphere by the coast and around the fjords

Visit the charming towns along the fjords of North Jutland and explore the cosy maritime atmosphere. Spoil your tastebuds with local specialities which you will find all over.



Welcome to the cultural little big city of Aalborg - a multifaceted hub for beautiful architecture, gastronomic surprises and attractive shopping opportunities.


Where did the Vikings come from? Many would say the answer is Hobro, with Mariager Fjord right at its doorstep.


Nibe, the fjord town only 30 mins away from Aalborg on the Limfjords edge is a historical and charming market town, and in its past, it was a town of ...

Hals and Hou

Surrounded by fantastic beaches and large forests you will find Hals - the cosy fishing village by the eastern estuary of the Limfjord.


Thisted is an exciting and dynamic market town which lies right by the Limfjord in beautiful natural surroundings. It is located close to National Par...


Løgstør - the Town of Mussels - here you'll find a beautiful nature and a wonderful harbor atmosphere where there is a lot of gastronomy, art and musi...


Go to the charming town of Mariager by Mariager Bay, the town is full of cozy and crooked houses, cobblestone streets and you will find roses everywhe...

Attrup Havn

Left basin 2 meters deep, eastern basin 1 meter deep.

Gjøl Harbour

An old fishing village with a modern marina. The danish writer stayed at the Inn by the harbour "Gjøl Kro", while he wrote the noval "The Fishermen". ...

Himmerlands Vestkyst

Har Himmerland en vestkyst? Svaret er et rungende ja. Hele 90 smukke km af slagsen. Og den er lige så vild, våd og varieret som sin mere berømte fætte...

Experiences by the fjord and on the islands

Along the coast of the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord, you will find historical sites from the Viking age, exciting attractions, and a maritime atmosphere.

Water activities

In North Jutland, you have plenty of options when it comes to activities by or on the water. Go fishing by the lakes, rivers and in the sea, go sailing, try your hand at surfing or rent a kayak and canoe. The opportunities are many.

Attractions by the Limfjord and Mariager Fjord

The Limfjord and Mariager Fjord beautifully cuts through the Danish landscape.

Local taste experiences in North Jutland

North Jutland offers you plenty of different taste experiences at various localities such as dairy farms, vineyards and brew houses. We have a number ...

Angling in North Jutland

An angling holiday in North Jutland offers you almost all types of fishing. Here you will find sea, fjords, streams and lakes - we have saltwater and ...

Cycling holiday in North Jutland

The nature in North Jutland offers many bicycle routes that take you around the amazing nature. From challenging MTB-trails to cosy routes by the coas...

Towns in North Jutland

There are plenty of towns to visit in North Jutland. Fishing towns, beach towns, big cities and much more. Year-round you will find all sorts of activ...

The Limfjord Museum

Between the Limfjord and Frederik the VII’s Canal is the Limfjord Museum, where you from April to October can get a wealth of experiences with the fjord in focus. In the old Canal Master’s residence and in the Maritime Adventure Centre, you can find exciting exhibitions about the life ...


Vejlerne is a large protected area with many breeding migratory birds and habitat for the otter.

Bramslev Bakker

Bramslev Bakker is a 300 hectares preserved area right by Mariager Fjord , with access through marked paths.  The view from the parking place at Bramslev Bakker is one of the most spectacular sights in Nothern Jutland. The steep slopes are an abrupt distinction from the more level and h...

Angling at the Limfjord

The Limfjord is one of the best places in Denmark to catch sea trout and offers easy access to the sea and all its riches. You can find lots of practical information on angling in the Limfjord here.

Angling in Mariager Fjord - Seatrout Mariagerfjord

Sea trout is one of the most popular fish among Anglers, and Mariager Fjord is known as some of the best trout fishing waters in Denmark. The trout in Mariager Fjord is not just well fed, but close to obesity. The trout has a unique combination of red, brown and golden...

North Jutland is surrounded by water

The North Sea, Kattegat and the Limfjord are surrounding North Jutland, and the Mariager Fjord cuts its way through the heart of the southern part of the region.


The west coast of North Jutland

The west coast of North Jutland stretches from Grenen by Skagen in the very north to Agger in the south end of National Park Thy. On this stretch of coast, you will experience the crashing waves of the North Sea and the wide sandy beaches, perfect for a family holiday.

The east coast of North Jutland

The East Coast of North Jutland stretches from Skagen in the North to Øster Hurup near Mariager Fjord. All along the coast of the Kattegat Sea, you will find some of Denmark’s most child-friendly beaches and numerous cozy harbors towns.

Øster Hurup

In Øster Hurup you will find Denmark's most child-friendly beach, a great town environment and a main street packed with restaurants, cafes and shops.


National Park Thy is renowned for its wealth of fantastic nature and the area offers the opportunity to experience the wide open spaces and feel the sand between your toes, as well as providing lots of adventures in the natural surroundings.


Asaa is a small fishing village with about, 1300 inhabitants, located on the east coast of North Jutland. The area offers a really nice child-friendly beach and some beautiful nature, with lots of adventures waiting for you and your family.

Grenen in Skagen

For visitors of North Jutland, a visit to  Skagen  and Grenen, the northernmost point of Jutland, is an absolute must. Experience the meeting of two seas in a spectacular location.

Popular Destinations

In North Jutland you will never be bored, here you will find activities and attractions for the entire family. Plunge into the sea, romp around in the dune and enjoy an ice-cream while sitting on a pier. All of this and more, is what makes North Jutland a special destination.