Stenbjerg landingsplads
Stenbjerg Landingsplads

Historic architecture in North Jutland

North Jutland offers classical and modern architecture. Visit the yellow houses of Skagen, the cosy cobbled stone streets and half-timbered houses of Sæby and Mariager Fjord on the east coast. Or discover the one of a kind seaweed roofs of Læsø.

On the west coast, during the summer months, you can experience "The White Town" - the white beach huts, by Blokhus and Løkken. in stark contrast to this, you will find simple and robust fishermen's huts in National park Thy. 

In the capital of North Jutland, Aalborg, you will find many historic neighbourhoods and small cosy streets. The city's old industrial quarters and these cosy nooks of the town frame the city of Aalborg perfectly.

In all of North Jutland, you can go on a historical journey through many castle and manor houses, exciting monasteries and churches.

Explore the historic neighbourhoods